Friday, January 31, 2014

The Honest Company review: Wellness and vitamin bundle

    The Honest Company has within the last year debuted a new bundle to add to their diapers and wipes and personal care and home cleaning essentials bundles: a health and wellness bundle that offers vitamins and other supplements. I recently ordered the wellness bundle for the first time and wanted to review the products that I tried. 
        Here's the scoop on the newest bundle:
Bundle: The Honest Company Health and Wellness Bundle
Options: Prenatal Multi-Vitamin, DHA/Omega-3 Vitamins, Baby and Toddler Multivitamin Powder, Kid's Multivitamin, Immunity Defense, and Kid's Immunity Boost. 
Price: Choose two products for $39.95 a month. 
Other Information: Like the other bundles, you can adjust your shipping date if you don't want to receive it every month. You can also add-on extra products to your bundle at 25% off their regular price. 
Special promo code: INVITED10 will get you $10 off your first bundle. 

      In my first bundle, I ordered four of their new products. 

Kid's Multivitamin (Retails for $24.95): I ordered these for Owen. These 100 percent natural vitamins are filled with 36 fruits and vegetables featuring 22 essential vitamins and minerals, plus probiotics to support immunity, enhance focus, and support brain and bone health. The chewable vitamins come in Tropical Blast flavor. They are free of gluten, soy, yeast, eggs, dairy, casein, lactose, tree nuts, GMOs, dyes, preservatives, and artificial flavors. They are naturally sweetened and Owen seems to like them a lot. 

 Kid's Immunity Boost (Retails for $19.95): It's winter so I figured trying an immunity boosting product couldn't hurt. The powder is a premium botanical blend featuring Black Elderberry, Arabinogalactan and other natural extracts known to be effective at warding off seasonal illnesses. The slightly sweet and flavored powder is gentle on tummies and can be sneaked into yogurt, juice, oatmeal and more. Owen doesn't seem to really like the taste of this in water so I will have to be sneakier about putting it in things.  

     Immunity Defense (Retails for $21.95): This formula for adults is made from concentrated and natural botanical extracts to help maintain and support healthy immune system function. Mine are in pill form so I don't have to sneak them into any of my food. Like most of their products, it is free of common fillers and allergens. I can't say that I feel any healthier, but I haven't gotten sick lately so who knows?

Baby and Toddler Multipowder (Retails for $29.95): These powders are made with high quality, real food nutrients to provide nutrition needed to support the development of a healthy, strong body. It includes gentle and enriching nutrients plus probiotics. ordered this for Graham because breast-fed babies are supposed to get Vitamin D supplements. I think the ones I found at the grocery store seem disgusting and obviously have dyes and weird additives so I was hesitant to give them to my baby. These powders are made from real foods and have a green-ish hue. They are easily mixed into a bottle of breastmilk. 

     If you are interested, you can sign up for The Honest Company by going here and selectingwhich bundles you want to receive. If you sign up for the Trial Kit, you can get samples of all three bundles (diapers and wipes, personal care and home cleaning essentials, and the new wellness bundle) for just $5.95 shipping. By ordering the trial kit though, you WILL BE signing up for the monthly subscription so you have to cancel within 7 days of receiving your trial kit or you WILL BE CHARGED and shipped the bundles.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Graham is four months old!

     This is super super late (Graham will be five months old tomorrow), but I figured I should post it anyway. He turned four months old just a few days before Christmas and we visited family for two weeks so I just got completely behind and didn't have a chance to write anything up for a while. I will try really hard to get his five month post up in a more timely fashion. But I'm not making any promises...

       Graham still eats every 2.5 to three hours like clockwork. He eats four to five ounces at every feeding. He still gets really mad if you try to burp him before he's had a couple ounces as if we regularly starve him. 
        Pumping is going okay. I got mastitis over Thanksgiving week so my supply suffered some from that and hasn't really come back completely. 

Graham is on a schedule during the day. He will typically go down for naps about an hour and a half after we wakes to eat. This is helping in getting him to fall asleep faster and without too much fussing. At night he generally falls asleep sometime around eight and then we try to feed him once more before we go to bed. He typically wakes up about twice during the night and early morning. He is still sleeping swaddled. 

Other Things I Want to Remember: 
      Graham wears size 3-6 months. He wears size one diapers when he isn't in cloth. We are pretty much in cloth full time now which I enjoy. 
      He has a pretty good amount of hair still, though it is rubbing thin on the back on his head (see photo below). His eyes are still blue.
       I am still amazed at how talkative Graham is. He coos a lot and "talks" to us. He is for sure really smiling now and he laughed for the first time while he was three months old. 
       Another milestone reached during his fourth month was the ability to roll from back to front. He rolled that way for the first time on December 4. 
      While he was three months old, Graham got RSV. It wasn't a very bad case and he did not have to be hospitalized or anything, but it was really rough on us, especially since he had just gotten over the whooping cough. 
      He enjoys music and really loves when I sing to him.
      He likes being on his playmat for limited amounts of time and enjoys looking at the toys hanging overhead and in the mirror. He does really well at tummy time and can hold his head up well. Since he can roll over, he typically does not stay on his back for long. He prefers to be held, but will play for a pretty good amount of time on the floor by himself.