Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No more sickness in this house! (Young Living essential oils)

I'm really excited to tell you about Young Living Essential Oils. They are blessing my family in so many ways. And before you think I've gone off the crunchy mom deep end (I know what you're saying... first cloth diapers, now this?!), just give this post a read.

I first learned about essential oils when a Facebook friend who was honestly probably tired of hearing me complain about my sick kids sent me a sweet private message about how she has been using essential oils to keep her family healthy and also treat a number of health issues. My original thought was, "Sure thing crazy lady. Enjoy your snake oils and voodoo medicine." 

But then Graham got sick again. And again. 

So I began to look into essential oils, and Young Living Essential Oils in particular. I researched on the Internet and asked my friend endless questions. She eventually added me to a Facebook group where people can ask questions and share testimonies on how the oils have helped them. And not long after that, I purchased the starter kit so I could try them out. I was still skeptical, but I figured other than putting my family in a bubble, I was at a loss as to how to keep my family well. 

What sold me on the oils was how healthy my kids have been since I started using them. Owen and Graham have not gotten sick in the last month. And that's saying something! We haven't had an entire month of being well since Graham was born more than five months ago. We have started attending church again and putting the kids in nursery without fear of them bringing home some new disease and I have had playdates with other kids without worrying about getting something from them. And I give all the credit to the Young Living Thieves blend of essential oils. The Thieves blend is based on research about four thieves in France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. When they were captured authorities offered to lessen their punishment if they would explain how they were avoiding contracting the plague. University testing found that diffusing Thieves kills 99 percent of airborne bacteria.  

Here's a look at what the oils in the premium kit that I bought can do:

In addition to helping our immunity, I have used the oils for lots of other issues now too. Here are a few of my favorites and how I have used them. 

Lavender: In addition to just smelling nice when diffused or sprinkled on laundry or rubbed on your wrists, lavender has a ton of other uses. For instance, clumsy me burns myself while cooking (or straightening my hair...ahem) all the time. Just a dab of lavender essential oils on the burn takes away the pain immediately and helps prevent blistering. I have also used lavender (and frankincense - yes, the kind they gave to Jesus) in coconut oil to moisturize my dry hands and feet this winter and they are the softest they have ever been without my going to get a pedicure or manicure! I also have rubbed a smidgen on the boy's cheeks to help with chapping. 

Peace and Calming and Gentle Baby: These two blends are used to help improve sleeping. Since I began diffusing them at bedtime, Graham has started sleeping much longer at night and only wakes to eat once during the night as opposed to the two or more times he was waking before I started using oils.

PanAway and Valor: I have had issues with my lower back since I was a preteen. If I bend over or twist in just the right (or wrong) way, my back wrenches and I am in tons of pain. I did this the other day right before bed and was having a hard time finding a comfortable position and couldn't fall asleep. So I got out of bed and grabbed my oils. I mixed one drop of each of these blends and rubbed it into my lower back. The pain relief I felt was practically instantaneous! As in just a minute later I was back in bed and completely pain-free. 

Stress Away: Stress Away is one of my favorite blends. I use it during the day like perfume when I'm feeling stressed out. It is also Graham's personal favorite oil. Whenever he is inconsolable and we have tried all manner of ways to calm him, I swipe some Stress Away on my neck and cuddle him close and within about five minutes he will be calm and 99 percent of the time sleeping peacefully afterwards. 

Clove: Clove oil contains eugenol, which is used in the dental industry to numb the gums. I use it diluted with olive oil to numb Graham's gums when it seems like he is teething. I doesn't get all over the place like store-bought numbing agents and a little will go a long way. I have also used it on myself when my jaw popped out of place while eating the other night and I was in pain. The taste isn't great, but the results are quick!

DiGize and Peppermint: Both of these oils can be used for digestive issues. You know, the kinds of things you usually deal with using that fluorescent pink medicine. I use it on Graham a lot since he has such a sensitive tummy. When he seems gassy or constipated, I rub some on his tummy diluted with coconut oil and he seems to feel so much better pretty quickly after. 

I am so enjoying using all natural oils to stay healthy and heal our bodies without over the counter medicines. Particularly because their aren't a lot of ways to ease symptoms for babies and toddlers (no cough medicine until age 6, FYI). I have found so many ways to use them and I am still learning! In fact, if you are interested in learning how essential oils work, read this blog post. 

Feel free to leave me any questions or comments or e-mail me at to learn more about how I'm using the oils or about Young Living. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Images source: Young Living