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With +/- three weeks to go when I was pregnant, I used a handy tool on TheBump.com to morph pictures of Tim and I together to get an idea of what our demon spawn baby would look like. Check out our oh-so-creepy results and look at some of our baby pictures to see who Owen looks more like. Thank heaven Owen is much cuter than this picture.

What's Your Love Story?

This is what love means to me. Making a life with someone. Tying your lives so tightly together that it becomes hard to remember life before them. Or to ever think of life without them. At this point we had just begun to understand how to love each other. Before this, marriage was easy and our lives were simple. Then we began this new journey as parents and we realized that we had only just begun to know what love really meansRead about how Tim and I fell in love and all that mushy stuff. Or just look at our pretty wedding photos. 

April Fool's!

On April 1, 2011 our lives changed forever when we welcomed an 8 pound, 12.8 ounce precious baby boy. Find out all about Owen's birth story including how he played his first ever April Fool's joke in utero. "Ha ha Mom, you just thought I was supposed to be born two weeks later!" (Don't worry. No yucky giving birth pictures here!)

Mommy Must-haves and Not-worth-havings

Before I became a mother (as in, Owen was still baking in my tummy), I was convinced there were certain things that my baby just had to have! And while some of those things have been lifesavers, others have been a complete waste of money and space. Read about the baby products I couldn't live without when I became a mom. 

You Know You're a Mom When...

Becoming a mom is a transformation that happens fast. And it hits you hard. I mean, you would think that the nine months of incubating would give you time to prepare, but there is nothing in the world to prepare for for motherhood. Not until you are rushing around at five o'clock to prepare dinner with a screaming baby in your arms finally realizing that you never got a chance to shower that day. And then you look at yourself and realize... oh my goodness, I'm a mom (and I have spit up in my hair.) Forever. (Well, not the spit up). Read about the many things that made me realize that I was a mom. 

Home Management Binder Printables

My home management binder has really been great for keeping me organized now that mommy brain keeps me from remembering everything I once could. For those of you who may be inspired to make your own home management binder, these are the links to the printables that I used to make mine. Most of them were free. Yay!

What I've Learned So Far

On January 1, 2011, we were on a plane moving across the country to Washington and I was 25 weeks pregnant. A year later, we were the parents of arguably the cutest, most hilarious and precious 9-month-old boy. Our life had changed so much in just a year. And I had learned so much in that time. And because we were so far away from family, a lot of it was trial and error and figuring things out for ourselves. It still amazes me that they let us leave the hospital with a baby. But it's amazing how just by becoming a mom, you know so much instinctually. Read about some of the things I learned in my first nine months as a mom.

Random Friday (On Thursday)

Random Friday is a post that I publish once a week detailing all the random things going on in our lives from the previous week. This particular post was one of the most popular on my blog and will give you an idea of what I include in my Random Friday post each week: Owen updates, shows or movies I've watched, books I've read, weekend plans, crafts, Pinterest ideas, recipes, and generally anything and everything else that I happen to want to share that week. 

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