Sunday, July 28, 2013

Influenster Lifeway Kefir review

   I recently had the opportunity through my status as an Influenster to try Lifeway Kefir products for free in exchange for my review. After qualifying for the program, I received a voucher for one free Lifeway Kefir product and two $1 coupons as well. I used my voucher and both coupons to buy two Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothies (in the peach and cherry flavors) and one pint of Lifeway Frozen Kefir (in the mango flavor). 

       Lifeway Kefir (pronounced key-fur or keh-fear) is like yogurt, but upgraded and optimized for maximum health benefits and an irresistibly tangy taste. Packed with probiotics, kefir contains more of this good-for-the-gut bacteria than any yogurt you can find on the shelves at the grocery store. Kefir is gluten free and 99 percent lactose free so it's great for people with allergies. 
      I was also impressed that I was able to easily find Lifeway Kefir in my grocery store. And if I can find it in my middle-of-nowhere Kentucky grocery store, you should be able to find it wherever you live!

         The Lifeway Kefir smoothies are slightly fizzy and really tasty. It's much thinner than yogurt, but thicker than milk. You can see the consistency a little better in the photo below.  In addition to the cherry and peach flavors of Lowfat Kefir smoothies that we tried, the products comes in tons of other flavors including, plain, strawberry, pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry-banana, blueberry, Madagascar vanilla, mango, cappuccino, chocolate truffle, and coconut chia. They also offer five non-fat flavors and even organic Kefir smoothies.

      One of Lifeway's newest products in Frozen Kefir. Because kefir does not lose any of its probiotic benefits while frozen, you can also get all the health benefits while treating yourself to a delicious frozen snack. Lifeway Frozen Kefir comes in several flavors: Original, Mango, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, and Pumpkin. The mango flavor was certainly delicious and creamy and just the slightest bit tangy. Frozen Kefir contains 10 live and active probiotic culures, has only 90 calories per serving, and is packed with protein and calcium.  Its also gluten free and 99 percent lactose free. 
     I can't say for certain that I saw any health benefits from using the Lifeway Kefir, but as a pregnant woman your digestive system can go a little crazy, especially at the end of the pregnancy. I may have felt some relief as far as tummy troubles. And it definitely helped when I woke in the middle of the night with a growly tummy to have a glass of the smoothie drink. 
       If you are interested in trying Lifeway Kefir for yourself, you can visit their website HERE and request coupons for their products. They offer six coupons every month! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fluff Fairy review (July box)

     The Fluff Fairy is a new mystery cloth diaper and accessories package offered by the online cloth diapering shop Kelly's Closet. I am still gathering cloth diapers and supplies to make our switch to cloth diapering for the boys (so crazy to say boys plural and to think I will have two sons next month!). I love surprise mail and I also loved that I was truly surprised with what was inside because it was difficult to accidentally run across spoilers online since its such a new thing and because I live relatively close to where they ship from. 
       The July Fluff Fairy package cost $26.99 (price will vary monthly) and was promised to include one name brand cloth diaper and 1-3 cloth diaper related samples and accessories. You can customize your box by selecting between girl, boy, and gender neutral options and can enter special instructions like what type of closure you like (though it would depend on what options are available for the diaper of that month based on what the supplier gives them). The box shipped quickly and mine took only two days to arrive at my house in Kentucky from their shop in Maine. This month, the package arrived in a gray plastic mailer. Inside, the products were wrapped in turquoise tissue with a Fluff Fairy sticker. And yes, there was glitter. 
        I received the gender neutral box this month and specified that I preferred snaps versus aplix. 
        Here's what came inside my July package:
  • Softbums Omni Shell and Large Dry Touch Pad ($26.90): This diaper is a one-size shell that can be stuffed like a pocket diaper or used as a cover. You can also snap in your inserts and lay them on top like a hybrid diaper. These diapers use an innovative Slide2Size adjusting toggle to tighten or loosen the leg holes of the diaper to create a custom fit. Softbums are made in the United States. I already have a Softbums Echo and have been wanting more shells to go with some bamboo inserts that I bought. It's like Kelly's Closet read my mind! 

     The diaper that I received in the neutral box came in the Yellow Alien print. It's pretty darn cute and Owen already loves it. I am happy with the snaps, but I kind-of like Aplix on Softbums diapers better. We'll see. I think I prefer my Echo style Softbums diaper a little more than the Omni because it seems trimmer, especially between the legs. Though the ability to stuff this one like a pocket is also great. I'll have to use it a bit more to really decide how I feel about it. I have a friend who has a girl and got a brown diaper and wasn't too happy about it, so it definitely was a lottery to see who got the more desirable colors. Other colors I have seen are various blues and greens and even one black and white safari print (jealous!). 

  • Softbums wipe (not available for sale):  The print I received was kind-of boyish, but I have a boy so I was happy with it. This wipe is really cute and super soft. I would definitely buy more if they were available for purchase right now. I have only seen two prints of this wipe, this one and a girly tea party patterned wipe. 
  • RLR Laundry Treatment ($2.25):  RLR Laundry Treatment can be used to strip diapers and whiten dingy diapers. If your diapers smell funky or like ammonia, or if they are looking yellow or gray, you can use RLR as needed to freshen the diapers and take out the dinginess. Because I have a HE washer, this packet will allow me to strip my diapers twice since I'll only use half a packet each time. I have heard really good stuff about RLR so I'm excited to have this to try whenever I need it. 

  •  CJ's Butter ($1.50): CJ's Butter is an all natural, cloth diaper friendly ointment. It can be used for diaper rash, eczema, dry skin, chapped lips, and other skin irritations. They still recommend using a liner though to reduce build-up on diapers. I received the Blueberry Crumble scent and I'm really happy to have another one of these samples to throw in my diaper bag or stash some other place for when I need it. 
      I came up with a total retail value of at least $30.65 for the items in this box, not including the price of the wipe since it's not for sale yet. This is a good value for the box since I basically paid for the diaper and everything else was free. I am happy with the Fluff Fairy and look forward to trying out my diaper more and the other products. 
      Here are more details about the Fluff Fairy in case you missed out this month:

  • The price of the "Fluff Fairy" packages will vary each month based on the diaper and accessories included. 
  • Each Fluff Fairy package will include one complete diaper (AIO, pocket, cover with insert) and 1-3 samples or accessories like detergent samples, wipes, wipes bits, lotion, diaper creams, and cloth diaper advocacy gear.
  • This is NOT a subscription program where you will be automatically charged each month. You get to decide which boxes you want to receive and purchase them (or not) each month. 
  • Kelly's Closet will release hints for each month's box to help you decide whether to purchase a box that month.
  • You will have the ability to personalize your Fluff Fairy package by selecting boy, girl, or gender neutral colors and closure (when applicable). 
  • You will earn Diaper Dollar reward points when purchasing a Fluff Fairy package. 
  • Fluff Fairy packages may not be combined with any coupons or special promotions. They also cannot be exchanged or returned. 
       To visit Kelly's Closet, click HERE. The August Fluff Fairy is not currently available.  Check the Kelly's Closet Facebook page for when the August box is made available. It will probably be sometime in early to mid-August and it will most likely sell out fast. The July package sold out in 2.5 days. Also, if you're a cloth diaper mama, check out my giveaway for a set of Woolzies dryer balls HERE. The giveaway runs through August 8. 
        Did you get a visit from the Fluff Fairy? What did you get and were you happy with the surprise?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls review and giveaway

        In starting this whole cloth diaper journey, I have been exposed to a new product that I had never heard of before: wool dryer balls. For those who don't know, combining cloth diapers and fabric softeners is a big no-no because you can affect the absorbency of the diapers with all the softeners and chemicals from normal dryer sheets and liquid softener. So to help keep clothes soft, many cloth diapering families use wool dryer balls to help dry their laundry in an eco-friendly and cloth diaper safe manner. 
       I had yet to purchase any for myself when I had the opportunity from Soft By Nature, Inc. to try their product - Woolzies dryer balls - and offer a giveaway on my blog. I jumped at the chance and have been so happy to get to try them out. 
        A six-pack box of Woolzies dryer balls costs $34.95. Like cloth diapers, these dryer balls are a higher initial investment than the alternative, but they save you money in the long run because they are guaranteed to last for 1,000 drying cycles. 
        Here are the pros for using Woozies dryer balls:
  • Regular fabric softeners, both in liquid and dryer sheets, contain harsh chemicals which are toxic to the environment and even more dangerous to people who have allergic reactions to them. The elderly, ailing and small children can suffer from a variety of negative symptoms which are really just allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals contained in these commercial fabric softening products. Also, many commercial dryer liquids and sheets contain chemicals that destroy the fire retardant qualities of children's and adult's clothing! For more information on the chemicals in fabric softeners, read this article
  • Additionally, because Woolzies bounce around in your dryer, they help separate and create space between your laundry which allows the hot air to circulate better and cuts down on drying time by about 25 percent in large loads and as much as 35-40 percent in small loads. This of course saves both time and money for you and energy for the environment.
  • Woolzies are guaranteed to last for 1,000 loads or your money back.
  • They are handmade in the democratic republic of Nepal where they provide a steady source of income to desperately needy women.
  • Because the wool is not directly touching your skin and does not shed, even those with wool allergies can use Woolzies. 
      I have been using the Woolzies dryer balls for about a week now. I have found that they stand up to all their promises and have decreased my drying time for several loads of laundry (including my cloth diaper inserts). As a plus, they make my laundry just as soft as conventional fabric softeners. The true results of this test came last night when my husband rolled over in bed and said, "The sheets feel really soft." This from my husband who couldn't tell you the difference between 300 thread count and 3,000 thread count sheets. Owen also loves to play with the dryer balls while I am switching laundry from the washer to the dryer. We had a fantastically fun evening throwing them back and forth for about twenty minutes while I was doing diaper laundry. 
       The only complaint I have about the balls is that they are pretty noisy. So running a load of laundry in the dryer with them after Owen's bedtime is not possible because the laundry closet is right across from his bedroom. But during the day with all the noise of the house and a toddler running around, it's not that noticeable. And depending on where your laundry area is in your house, you might be just fine doing laundry after your kids or you are asleep. 
      You can order a set for yourself here or you can try your luck to win some for yourself in my giveaway.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bump update: 34 Weeks

       This week according to my app, the baby is the size of a cantaloupe at approximately 4 pounds 12 ounces and almost 18 inches long. His fat layers are filling him out and making him rounder. 
        I am definitely getting to the awkward stage of pregnancy where you are constantly uncomfortable and clumsy. I am frequently tripping over things because I can't see the floor any more and my balance is off. My back and feet hurt most days. I took my wedding and engagement rings off the other night to make hamburgers and I have not been able to put them back on. This makes me really sad. I had to take my wedding band (which fits a little smaller) off when I was pregnant with Owen, but my engagement ring fit well the whole time. I guess that's the difference between being pregnant in the winter and the summer. 
       I am supposed to be doing kick counts now to check baby's movement, but I don't really bother since I feel him move so often lately. The coolest part is that he seems to be in a different position from the one Owen must have been in during the end of my last pregnancy because I can feel this baby even better. I can even sometimes pick out specific body parts as he rolls and stretches in there. I love being able to feel his little feet pressing against the top of my abdomen. I never could with Owen. His seemed constantly pressed up under my ribs. This baby moves tons at night and also gets the hiccups a lot then too. 
      We have been working on getting things ready for the baby. We have moved furniture around in the nursery to accommodate our guest bedroom which we moved out of the guest room since we are turning that into Owen's room. Still a lot of work needs to be done in there. The baby's room is more cramped, but still cozy and he won't be sleeping in there for a while anyway. I got out all of Owen's old baby clothes and washed a lot of the smaller ones. He still has almost an entire plastic tote worth of 0-6 months size clothing that I didn't get out because his closet is currently pretty full since Owen's stuff is still in the closet in the nursery until we move him completely out of there. I went shopping at Target and picked up some things we still needed so we are pretty close to set. I have purchased and prepped about twelve cloth diapers for the baby and hope to get a few more that will fit him better than the one-size diapers I have been using for Owen. I am still loving using cloth and am excited to use them with the new baby as well. We plan to use disposables for a few weeks though until we get more settled. But so far, the extra laundry hasn't bothered my much. 
        In the next few weeks I am planning to start freezing meals for after the baby is born and get my hospital bag packed. I will write posts about those things when I do them. 
        We had a doctor's appointment on Friday and everything looked fine. We will have another in two weeks at which point I talked the doctor into giving me an ultrasound to check the size of the baby since Owen was so large. She doesn't seem worried about me not being able to deliver a large baby again, so I think she is just being nice to let me have another ultrasound. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Citrus Lane newborn box (July)

        Our July Citrus Lane newborn box for little brother showed up yesterday and I wanted to share what was inside because I haven't seen many online reviews of newborn boxes. Like last month, it was a really light and there weren't a lot of items inside, but I was still really happy with everything we received. I have been liking the newborn box better than the toddler box lately. 
      Here is what we received inside:
  • Pack & Go Mini Mobile from Tiny Love ($11.74 on Amazon): I really love this mobile. I think it is super cute and will be handy in a number of locations, like the pack n play, stroller, carseat, etc. I love that you can just clip it wherever. It's very colorful and cute. 
  • Burpy Bib from Aden+Anais ($11.00): I really love these bibs. We have two already that I was able to buy online at a really great deal and I'm happy to have a third one for when baby brother arrives. They are huge and ridiculously soft and make great burp rags too. I think the blue and brown camo print is really cute for a boy. I have seen that the girl boxes seem to be getting a print with a frog on it, which is cute as well. So excited about having another one of these!
  • Little Buddy Wipes from Me4Kidz ($2.49): These antibacterial wipes are great for all sorts of things. We have received them before in Owen's box from Citrus Lane and they came in handy when Owen got carsick during a trip a few months ago. I am not sad to see them again. We still haven't used up our first pack, so these will go in our linen closet where I store extra bath and body products. 
  • Mum+Bub Soothing Ointment from Aden+Anais (roughly $1.33): A three ounce tube of this costs $15.95. We received just a quarter of an ounce sample. Again, I am getting pretty tired of samples when we used to get full-size toothpastes and body washes and lotions and things like that from Citrus Lane. But I am still excited to try this new line of products from Aden+Anais because they are one of my favorite baby product companies. And it will be good for throwing in the diaper bag. 
  • Postagrams from Sincerely, Inc ($10.00): We also got this card in Owen's box so now we have two. Not my favorite item in the box, but since they don't expire until November I will probably use them to send postcard photos of the new baby once he arrives. That will be a good way to use them, I think. 

    This month, the newborn box retailed for about $36.56, which is a bit more than $10 over the cost of the box. This is a good value for all the items inside, which we found to all be useful and cute. Citrus Lane used to claim to contain 4-5 full sized products in their boxes. It seems like now that has gone down to three full-size items and some samples.  
    For those of you not familiar with Citrus Lane, it is a subscription box company that offers a monthly box of products tailored to your child's age and gender for newborns to age 5. Boxes cost $25 a month, but currently, new members can save $10 on a subscription if they sign up through a referral link from someone who is already a Citrus Lane member. The Citrus Lane member will also receive a $10 credit. My referral link can be found HERE. Additionally, the coupon code TAKEHALF can get you half off your first month's box if you want to do a monthly subscription where you are charged each month. According to Citrus Lane's Facebook page, there is currently no discount code for a longer subscription other than using a referral link to sign up (though those subscriptions are already discounted some to reward people for ordering a longer term subscription). 
      We also received a box for our 27-month-old son. You can find that review HERE
      Do you subscribe to Citrus Lane? What did you think about the July boxes?

Citrus Lane review (July box)

      My July Citrus Lane box for Owen came really quickly this month and I wanted to share all the fun products that came inside. Baby brother's box also appeared at our doorstep and I will hopefully have time to get to that review soon. This month we will receive both a box for a 27-month-old toddler boy and a newborn baby boy. The box was still sort-of summer-themed like last month and had some cute and useful stuff included. 
    Here's the description from the insert provided in the boxes: "School's out for summer, and beautiful weather means you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors! We included essentials for playtime and picnicking from some of our favorite partners, Goodbyn and Episencial. We know how hard it can be to find things to do to keep your child stimulated while inside, so we included an activity from Melissa and Doug for those inevitable rainy days. Be sure to capture and share you summer memories with postcards from our partner Postagram."
   Owen came running to open his box once I showed it to him. He really loves pulling everything out of the box and knows that its especially for him. And now as he's gotten older, he has very little patience for me to take photos of the contents before letting him play with them.  
            Here are the details on what we received in our box for our 27-month-old son:
  • Melissa and Doug Lace and Trace Pets ($9.99): This is a really cute toy and a brand that I like a lot, but it is a little developmentally advanced for Owen right now. He just does not have the manual ability to lace the thick cardboard shapes with the laces at the moment. He understands what he's supposed to do, but he can't get his hands to cooperate, so it kind-of frustrates him. I understand that from the feedback that Citrus Lane receives, most parents like to receive things their child can grow into, but I would prefer something he can play with right away. Especially since I let him open the box. I'll bring it out every once in a while to practice until Owen is more ready for it. 
  • Bynto from Goodbyn with Dishwasher-Safe Sticker Set ($9.50 + $3.50): This is a company that Citrus Lane has partnered with before. Since I stay home with Owen, I don't really have the need to pack up food for him very often. But this is well-made and cute and is actually big enough that I probably can use it for Tim when I pack his lunches. The sticker set is really cute too, but I don't know if my obsessive compulsive nature could handle letting a two-year-old decorate it. I kind-of want to do it myself. 
  • Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack from Me4Kidz ($2.99): This is a really neat product to include in the boxes. Especially with a lot of outdoor play during the summer. It will be great to throw these in the diaper bag in case Owen hurts himself while we're out and about. 
  • Mighty Shield Bug Repellant Lotion from Episencial (roughly $1.75): We only received a half ounce sample of this lotion, which normally costs $12 for the full-size product. It was also kind-of weird to receive Episencial two months in a row. This is a great brand, but I'm kind-of missing the days when Citrus Lane would send full-size skin care products. 
  • Postagram from Sincerely, Inc. ($10.00): This is a gift code for 10 free Postagrams with the company Sincerely, Inc. You basically use your phone photos to send postcards with their app. Not sure if they are real paper postcards or something electronic. We got the same exact thing in last July's box and I never used them. Mainly because I didn't have a smart phone. Still not sure whether I will use these. 
         My verdict on Owen's box? It was okay, though I do miss the months where I used to receive more full-sized products in my box and the retail value seems a bit low. And I would like to receive more toys that Owen can play with right away. (I may adjust his age in my profile so he is listed as being younger than he is). And I wish they would send more books. They used to send books pretty regularly, but haven't in some time. 
       The retail value of this box is about $37.73, though that's if you count the $10 Postagram code thingie, which I probably wouldn't. The value of Citrus Lane's boxes are always more compared to the price you pay for the items, but I have noticed their overall value has decreased in the past few months compared to what it was when I first subscribed a year ago. Still, this is probably only the first month where I might not use everything in the box and I always feel like I'm getting good value for what I spend. 
         If you would like to try Citrus Lane, you can use the code TAKEHALF to receive half off your first month in a month-by-month subscription (making your first month $12.50). Multi-month subscriptions are already discounted and there are currently no coupon codes for a discount on those. Though, if you sign up using a referral link, you will receive a $10 credit in your account. You can find my referral HERE if you wish to use it. I have really loved Citrus Lane and highly recommend it. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Healthy Surprise review and giveaway

     Healthy Surprise is probably the best subscription box for food that I've ever received. It comes packed with snacks and has such a large variety. Tim, Owen and I have been snacking on our box for almost a week now and we still haven't eaten it all. Usually any food box that I've tried lasts about a day and then I'm hungry for an entire month waiting for the next one. And this is the smallest box that Healthy Surprise offers! I can't imagine how long the larger box would last us! How awesome is that?!
     Once you sign up, Healthy Surprise will send you a monthly specially curated box of snacks that are certified natural, vegan, gluten-free, corn free and soy free. The company also avoids snacks with artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, along with those that contain meat, dairy, shellfish, honey, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and other MSG. All snacks are made in America. 
      Types of snacks include fruits, nuts, trail mixes, bars, crackers, chocolates, kale and veggie chips, drink products, sweets, and other healthy treats. The variety is incredible! 
       Healthy Surprise offers three different sized boxes: 
  • Starter Box ($33 a month): Provides 1-2 people with at least 11 full size products that make up between 16-20 servings. 
  • Healthy Box ($66 a month): Provides 1-4 people with at least 16 full size snack products that make up between 32 and 40 servings. 
  • Large Box ($99 a month): You will receive both the Starter Box and the Healthy Box which will provide 2-6 people with at least 27 full size products that make up 48 to 60 servings. 
     When you sign up on a business day before 2 p.m. EST, your box will ship that same day. My shipping was super fast and I received my box in just a few days all the way from California (Delivery typically takes 1-3 business days). For all the months following, you will be charged on the 7th of the month and your box will ship within three days.
      I was recently lucky enough to have Healthy Surprise agree to send me a free box to review as well as allow me to host a giveaway on my blog. My box arrived super quick and I was really happy with it. It's a good-sized box and it comes packed to the brim with a variety of snacks. I also liked that they utilized all of the box surfaces to provide information and included an insert! I love box inserts!
The box packaging is very attractive. I like their theme of the green and yellow because it looks fresh and clean and reminds me of ripe vegetables like spinach and corn. The packaging is very attractive and is one of the reasons why Healthy Surprise would make a great gift as well. 
       The insert didn't list the products included in the box, but it did have an informative article about different types of essential nutrients, a recipe for a smoothie, and a write up about one of the companies featured in the box this month. 
     After peeling back the bright yellow and green tissue paper, I finally got a look at all the snacks inside. I received a really great variety of fruits, veggies, nuts, bars, sweets, and more. In total there were 11 different products in the box. And only one of the products was one that I have seen in my local grocery store. These are mostly unusual and unique brands and definitely a great way to learn about new snacks and companies. 
Here's what came inside my box:

  • Plum Kids Organic Mash-ups in Berry flavor ($1.00): With a two-year-old, we are no strangers to the Plum Organics brand. And to tell you the truth, even after getting this one in my box, I still have never tasted one myself. Owen saw the top of this peeking out of the box while eating lunch one day and immediately started asking for the "Squeeze-y squeeze." It lasted all of 2.5 seconds. But don't worry, with ten other snacks in my box, I didn't feel deprived by having to share. 
  • Gopal's Health Foods Brownie ($2.69): If you are expecting this to taste just like a regular brownie, then you are going to be disappointed. But in and of itself it is a pretty yummy snack bar made primarily of walnuts and dates. Though I'm not sure it's worth the 260 calorie splurge if you are truly trying to eat healthy. But since it's made of all healthy ingredients, I suppose you can justify it that way. I did. :)
  • Gorge Delights Just Fruit Bar in Pear Strawberry flavor ($1.50): I really liked this bar. It was an interesting texture, but it was definitely great to eat a bar that was made solely of fruit with no added ingredients. Very yummy. 
  • Betty Lou's Just Great Stuff 10 Bar in Cacao Acai flavor ($1.97): I have had a different flavor of this type of bar before that I liked, but I was not a big fan of this particular flavor. The texture kind of bothered me because it felt like there were coffee grounds mixed into it (I think that was a combination of the cacao nibs and the chopped cashews). 
  • Hail Merry Macaroons in Strawberry flavor ($5.00): These were really yummy. I really want to try some of their other flavors like caramel sea salt and chocolate. They were a tasty snack for someone who loves coconut. And because they are made with extra virgin coconut oil, they practically melt in your mouth when you eat them. 
  • Nibnaks in Crancherrytart flavor ($2.00): I loved the simplicity of this snack. It was just almonds, dried cherries, and dried cranberries. And all the other flavors sold by this company sound just as delicious. These are definitely a snack that I would purchase again after discovering them in this box. 
  • Just Tomatoes Etc! Dried Tomatoes ($2.35): Tim and I don't really like the flavor of tomatoes (too fruity), but we were both game to try these. We didn't really like them, but my mom happily took them home with her after her visit this past weekend. 
  • Lydia's Organics Rawkin' Spicy Beet Chips ($5.99): These organic beet chips were surprisingly spicier than I expected and kind-of addicting in a weird way. They weren't my favorite item in the box, but they aren't bad at all if you don't mind some heat. And they are definitely a unique item that I would have never heard of otherwise. 
  • Beanitos White Bean and Sea Salt Restaurant Style Chips ($2.66): This was one of my favorite items in the box. They were really tasty and I would love to try their other flavors as well. I didn't even get to try them with salsa because my mom and I ate them up so quickly. She was happy to be visiting while I was trying everything in the box and enjoyed these as well. Both of us would pick these up at the grocery store if we saw them. 
  • Caveman Foods Caveman Nuts ($2.29): My husband was probably the most interested in this snack because he's on a super health kick lately and has been researching all these diet plans and stuff like that. I was really pleased with this product. There are no extra flavorings or anything, just a plain and simple variety of nuts. And they're delicious! You know when you eat something without any added anything and you realize that the flavor of the food is so much better when it's not messed with? That's what this was like. And I feel like I need to go climb a mountain or do something really active now. 
  • The Daily Crave Veggie Chips ($1.32):  I have never eaten veggie chips before and wasn't sure what to expect. These tasted just like regular chips only less salty and greasy. I was definitely impressed. Owen and Tim also enjoyed them. And for what it's worth, the packaging is really cute too. 
         Interested in trying Healthy Surprise for yourself? Use the code HEALTHY10 for $10 off your first box. And if you're feeling lucky, enter my giveaway to win a free starter box of your own to try! I will be checking to make sure you have followed or commented if you check those entry options. If you haven't, I will have to choose a different winner. 

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Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.