Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free summer playlist

    Hi friends! If you are interested in some free summertime music, check out the link below.   USA Today is offering a free 10-song playlist from iTunes. I had a little trouble getting it to download at first, but I just reloaded the page and used a new download code and it worked the second time around. The playlist includes some great bands like The Band Perry, Feist, and Young the Giant. I don't know any of the other bands and singers on the playlist, but I will be listening to all the music when I get the chance. The playlist features all the songs listed below. It seems to have a good mix of folksy music, country, and pop.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gift ideas galore!

    Summer always seems to be the time of year (other than Christmas) when you have to buy tons of gifts. Weddings, baby showers, graduations, housewarming and hostess gifts, Father's Day and more. And because I just love giving gifts, I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of ideas for all the many summer events. I tried to jump around at all different price points for each type of gift. Hope these suggestions give you some ideas when shopping for all your summertime occasions. 

Weddings: We have been invited to three weddings this year. I just love weddings and I really love buying wedding gifts. I remember how wonderful it was to stock our entire house with cooking supplies, shower curtains, and more when Tim and I got married and our home would be a far more pitiful place without the gracious gifts from our friends and family. Now, ordinarily I would say to stick with a couple's registry when buying a wedding gift, but if you know the couple well enough, sometimes it's fun to surprise them with something personalized or unique. Here are some ideas I have for fun wedding gifts.

This is a set of four mugs featuring a birch tree with carved initials and wedding year on them from Rust Designs. They cost $62 for the set. They come in chocolate and blue. Tim and I have these mugs and they look really great. And there's nothing sweeter or more quirky than carving your love's initials on a tree. There are tons of other designs in mugs, plates, platters, and more on this site.

This is an 8x10 unframed quotation or song lyric from Jenna Sue Designs on Etsy. It does not come framed, but you can find a cheap attractive frame pretty easily. If you know the wedding couple's first dance song, a print of the lyrics would be a really sweet and personal gift. You just specify the 20 or so words and then pick a background color and font color from a list of 28 beautiful colors. I recommend a nice neutral one unless you personally know the recipient's decor colors. I have personally ordered this before and the seller was really great to work with and super fast at shipping it to you. It costs $20 for an unframed 8x10. A frame to complete the look will run you another $5-$15 depending on where you buy it. 

This little book from The I Like Book is just for couples. It has space for every day of the year for the couple to write what they like about each other. It would be a cute way for the newlyweds to take a little bit of time each day to compliment one another and focus on their relationship. The book is $19.95.

Another cute idea for a newlywed couple that would encourage some sweet time spent together would be a nice throw blanket and a couple's devotional. These throw blankets are from West Elm and cost between $19 and $29. I would recommend the devotional "Devotions for a Sacred Marriage" by Gary Thomas. It retails for $10.19.

Father's Day: What to get for that special father (or two or three) in your life? It's hard trying to find something more original than a new tie to buy your dad each year. So here are a few fun ideas for all kinds of dads.

This would be a great gift for a dad that loves Star Wars. It is the book "Darth Vader and Son" by Jeffrey Brown. The book ponders what it would be like if Darth Vader had raised Luke. Imagine "Bring You Child to Work" Day on the Death Star and lightsaber baseball. It's not really a children's book, but more of a gift book for a Star Wars lover. The hardcover copy is currently listed at $10.17 on Amazon. 

Here's a great idea for a new grandpa for Father's Day. A "Great Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa" T-shirt from Cafe Press. The shirt retails for $17 and comes in nine different colors. There are also tons of other Dad and Grandpa T-shirts on the site among other things. And now through June 3, use the coupon code DADDA25 to get 25 percent off your order. 

How about tickets to your dad's favorite sporting event? And for the next two days, if you go to Plum District, you can pay $6 for $30 toward major league baseball tickets or other event tickets through ScoreBig. 

Baby showers or gifts for moms-to-be: Tim and I don't know any pregnant people right now (I know, shocker), but spring and summer are key times of the year for baby showers. Again, you can stick to the registry, but if you want to buy something a little more personal or fun, I say go right ahead. I personally love buying art for the baby's nursery.

A great gift for a soon-to-be mom would be a subscription to Citrus Lane, a monthly subscription box for moms of babies and toddlers. Unlike a lot of other subscription boxes, this one comes with a ton of full-size products and they tailor the boxes to your child's age.  Each month is themed and has really neat stuff inside. I personally would love a subscription to Citrus Lane. You can buy 3, 6, and 12 month packages for $75, $125, and $250, respectively. Your recipient will receive a gift code so they can redeem it and begin their subscription whenever they want. Citrus Lane also offers two special single time boxes: one for pregnant women with various gifts to get her through her pregnancy for $65 and a deluxe baby shower box for $35. 

If you're close to the person who is having the baby and have an idea as to how the nursery will be decorated, a piece of art might be a fantastic gift. One of my favorite artists is Kit Chase who has a shop called Trafalgars Square on Etsy.  I have three of her prints in Owen's nursery. Her prints feature tons of really cute animals, predominantly elephants, giraffes, bunnies, owls, deer, hedgehogs, and lions. The prints range in price based on size from $8 to $36. 

These fun hand-sewn journals are from May Books. The pregnancy journal on the left has inside pages that feature colored charts to track cravings, weight gain, doctor's notes, milestones, to-do lists, and registry must-haves. The pregnancy journal is listed at $15. May Books also features newborn journals for both boys and girls (on right) at $15 each, as well. Those journals help moms keep track of feeding schedules, pediatrician notes, sleep schedules and dirty diapers. I have a meal planner from this company and the quality is really good for a great price. 

This print is from the Etsy shop Amyjdelightful. An 8x10 costs $14 and includes the baby's initial, name, and a matching Bible verse. When ordering, you choose two main colors for the print.

Jelly Cat has some of the cutest stuffed animals around. The medium-sized style costs around $24 and they come in dozens of different types of animals and colors. Owen has the blue puppy and it's really soft and so cute.

Housewarming/hostess gifts: Tim and I know two couples that are currently buying houses right now, so housewarming gifts have been on my mind. It's so nice to be able to celebrate someone buying their first (or second or third, etc.) house. 

These paint chip-inspired linen lacemats are so colorful and cute. They come from Avril Loreti Modern Home on Etsy. The placemats come in four color schemes: purple, blue, green, and orange, and the paint chip color "names" are printed in English and French. Two placemats cost $36, four for $60, six for $84, and eight for $104. 

 These decorative prints are from Jenna Sue Designs on Etsy. They can be customized with the recipient's house number and a skeleton key design or various phrases such as "Welcome to Our Home" and "Home Sweet Home" There are several color schemes from which to choose. All 8x10 prints are $20. 

This would be a great gift for a couple that likes to throw parties, especially if they have a nice big backyard to hang out in and have cookouts. The drink tub is from Bespoke Custom Gifts. It is listed at $75 and can be personalized with the couple's last name. When it's not used as a drink tub, you could use it in the living room piled with blankets or toys or magazines.

How cute is this ceramic fruit container from Anthropologie? Add a dish towel and you have a great hostess gift. I have always thought these were so adorable. They are $14 each and come in yellow, green, coral, blue, and white.

How about a new monogrammed key chain for those new house keys? I love the chevron pattern and the bright colors. This one is from iselltshirts on Etsy. It costs $12.

Birthdays and just becauses. And just for fun, here are some gift ideas for various people on your list, from the pet lover to the book lover.

This doggie bowtie comes from Etsy seller Silly Buddy. Collars are $29, leashes are $39, and bowties are $42. 

This is actually an e-reader cover made from a book. They are made by Chick Lit Designs on Etsy. The covers cost $64. The site also has IPad covers and clutch purses made from books. There are tons of fun covers for all types of e-readers and tablets out there so if you know someone who has one, buying a personalized cover would be a great gift.

This sailor's knot necklace is from the Etsy shop Brooklyn Rehab. The necklace is listed at $20. It was an item featured by Umba Box a few months ago.

The Erin Condren planner is THE planner for the organization freak in your life. I have always wanted one. The 2012-2013 edition should be available in mid-June. The planner has so many different features, including tabs and various folders and zip pockets for more storage and organization. 

The shoe company TOMS now carries really cute ballet flats. They come in 22 different styles and colors and cost between $74 and $84. The cool thing about this company is that they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair they sell. 

Do you know someone who loves to take pictures? Then maybe a decorative camera strap would be a great gift. This one is from Ivy and A on Etsy and costs $25. There are tons of other fabric and color options on Etsy. Another great gift for a photo bug would be a really cute camera bag. This one is from Cheeky Lime and costs $98. 

Lastly, there are subscription boxes out there for nearly every type of person. Who wouldn't love receiving a surprise in the mail every month? I know I have been really interested in trying some of them and there are tons more subscription boxes available than the ones I list below. My favorites are For the Makers, Umba Box, Citrus Lane, and Conscious Box based on what I've seen online and reviews. The only box that I have actually tried is Bluum box for mothers and babies. It costs $11 a month, but I wouldn't really recommend it unless you get a discounted rate because it rarely has full-sized products and the samples aren't always that exciting. They are also mainly for people with little babies and some of the products don't really fit Owen anymore. Sometimes Plum District offers a three-month subscription for $18, which is a better deal ($6 a month).

For craft lovers, try Whimsey Box for $15 a month. It features 4-5 craft supply samples. Another really cool box for craft lovers is For the Makers, which includes the materials and instructions for four to six projects per month. A monthly subscription costs $29. The May box included all the supplies needed to make hair ties, a bracelet, a painted tea towel, and decorative bowl.
For lovers of Etsy and all things homemade, try Umba Box for $26 a month. Each month, you will receive either one large or several smaller handmade items. For a kiddo or mom with young kids, try Babba Box ($29.99 a month) or Kiwi Crate ($19.99 a month), both of which come with supplies for crafts and other fun activities for children. Owen is too young for these right now, but they seem really fun for a kid between 3 and 7, maybe. For lovers of all things green and natural, you could try Conscious Box for $19 a month or Blissmo Box for $19 a month. Conscious Box includes 10-20 samples per month. 
For people interested in make-up and beauty products, GoodeBox ($16 a month) and Birch Box ($10 a month) would be good ideas. GoodeBox features between 6-7 samples of healthy, sustainable beauty products per month. Gourmet food lovers might like Love with Food for $14 a month. The company also donates a meal to a hungry child for each box sold through No Kid Hungry. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cumberland Falls

    The weekend before last, my in-laws came into town to see our new house, spend time with us, and give us a hand with our projects around the house. They were lifesavers, I tell you. We wouldn't be anywhere near as close to finally finishing our cabinet makeover if they hadn't come here. And Tim would probably still be in the kitchen trying to figure out all the plumbing and wiring involved with putting in our new sink, faucet, and garbage disposal. While Tim and his dad worked on plumbing in the kitchen, I was able to finish sanding all the cabinet doors and drawers and wipe them down so they would be ready to be primed. Tim's mom kept an eye on Owen all day. The next day, we did some more sanding and playing and lawn mowing. In fact, because we don't have a riding lawn mower, Tim was using our tiny electric push mower on our new gigantic lawn. It was a pathetic sight. We hadn't met any of our neighbors yet, but as Tim was mowing, the neighbor across the street drove his mower over and handed him the keys and just asked that he return it in a couple hours. So yay, we have at least one set of nice neighbors! (And actually, another neighbor came over yesterday and brought cookies. She has three-year-old and a two-month-old girls and seemed really nice). And just in case you thought we worked too hard, we finished off the weekend with a trip to Cumberland Falls (the Niagara of the South), about an hour and a half south of us. It was really great to be able to explore around our new home and get to know the area a little better. Here are some photos from that trip.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Random Friday

      Not much is going on here in the Rumely household. Still plugging away at the kitchen cabinet renovation and playing the days away with my sweet boy. Owen is learning so much right now and it is just amazing to see the things that he can process. Because he can't talk, it's easy to think that maybe he doesn't understand things, but he really gets so much. If you ask him where his belly is, he will lift up his shirt and pat his tummy. Now he is obsessed with lifting up our shirts and looking at our bellys (and poking our bellybuttons.) He is really starting to understand some of the sign language we've been teaching him, in particular "more," "please," and "all done." And he is starting to try to say words a little more. The other night, he said "close" when he and his daddy were playing a game where they were opening and closing a book. He also says "Moo" if you ask him what a cow says. Other than that, he is walking so well now and has even started to try to run. It's so weird that just a month ago he had barely taken his first steps. He is also getting in a bottom molar right now so he's been a tad grouchy. He currently has 10 teeth and the cutest smile. 
    Here are some other things going on with us.

1. HGTV Magazine. Since beginning the house buying process, I have been addicted to watching HGTV. And now I've found something even better. HGTV Magazine! I bought an issue of the magazine a month or so ago at the grocery store and really enjoyed reading it. It had tons of ideas and cute decorating advice. I haven't seen it again at the store so I went ahead and ordered a subscription now that we're in the house. It only costs $15 for the year. The Feb./March issue that I bought had so many great ideas and tips in it, including everything you need to know about what should be in your laundry room, fun paint colors, high and low priced versions of tons of decor, ideas on how to copy the set designs for television shows to decorate your own rooms, decor priced between 99 cents and $199.99, and so much more. I also signed up to win the bed on the front cover (fingers crossed!).

2. Painting the cabinets update. We are finally finished with the sanding. Hallelujah! (Cue angels singing). We finished up Thursday night and once the cabinets have been wiped down and we have cleaned up the kitchen so no dirt or sawdust will get stuck on the cabinets, we will begin the process of priming and painting. The paint we bought is Benjamin Moore Advance paint in Cloud White (shown on the right). It looks whiter on the card than on this picture. I have started working on a post all about how we did the project and I am planning on including a cost break-down to show you just how much it cost us to redo the cabinets and see how much we saved versus having them done professionally or having all new cabinets installed. 

3. Summer television shows. It's that time of year again. Time to find summer TV shows to replace all my regular shows. Last night, one of my favorite summer shows premiered: So You Think You Can Dance. In case you don't know, it is a reality talent competition for dancers that is in its ninth season. It started yesterday with auditions in Dallas and New York. I really love this show because everyone who ends up in the top 20 or so dancers is always really talented and the show also has some amazingly talented choreographers. I  love it because I grew up dancing and continued doing so through high school and college. And if you count Zumba classes and the Kinect, I'm still a dancing fool. Even Tim has gotten hooked on the show because as an athletic guy, he can appreciate all the athleticism the dancers have to have to compete on this show. I typically watch Masterchef and the some other cooking shows during the summer as well. Other shows that I'm interested in checking out this summer that I've never watched before are Duets on ABC and Design Star on HGTV. What will you be watching this summer?

4. Read the Bible For Life. Because Tim and haven't been attending church for months, we have been feeling pretty disconnected spiritually. We decided it was time to get back into the swing of things, so in addition to trying out a new church in the area on Sunday, we have started doing a Bible study together in the evenings. We chose "Read the Bible for Life:Your Guide for Understanding and Living God's Word." We both want to be more disciplined about reading the Bible regularly and really find joy in doing it. Here's a description of the study: "The Bible may be the most-purchased book in the world, but it is often the least read and least applied due to a basic lack of understanding and motivation on the part of readers. Read the Bible for Life aims to improve biblical literacy in the culture and the church by simultaneously moving readers toward greater skill in reading the Bible well and toward a deeper commitment to applying Scripture to everyday life." We just started on Wednesday night, but I'm already enjoying it.
     Additionally, while we were at the Lifeway store, I got a new compact Bible that I can carry around in my bag all the time. Tim has had one that he carries around with him in the car and work and wherever and he seems to really like its portability. The one I bought isn't exactly like the one pictured, and is instead a brighter pink color.

5. Grilling out. Because we have been working on refinishing our kitchen cabinets for weeks and it is a mess in our kitchen, I haven't been able to cook for us since we moved in. We are so sick of eating out and I miss being able to cook so much. Luckily, as I was looking forlornly at all the cooking magazines at the grocery store, Food Network Magazine caught my eye with one of its headlines and I snapped it up. The June 2012 issue of the magazine has a huge section on grilling and what caught my eye in particular was an entire pullout section titled "50 Things To Grill in Foil." I think it will be the perfect way for Tim and I to have some homecooked meals without the mess of cooking on the stove or in the oven. And we've done similar things before when we've gone camping. We just have to do a little prep such as cutting up vegetables or meats, wrap everything in a foil packet to grill it, and then toss the aluminum foil afterwards. Easy clean-up! A lot of the recipes sound really good and many are things I never knew you could cook on a grill. I'm particularly interested in the paella, the ravioli with zucchini, the Portuguese clambake, the chorizo and peppers, and the garlic shrimp. Tim wants to try the Jerk chicken wings and the Asian-style ribs. If you're interested in some easy meals that require little to no clean-up and won't heat up your kitchen this summer, grab this magazine the next time you're at the store. And let me know if you try any of the recipes!

6. Owen's name. I was checking out my latest issue of Parents Magazine yesterday and read an article called "Hello...My Name Is." It was about the most popular baby names currently according to Facebook. Of the almost 250 favorite boys names, Owen was one of the top 13. It's so funny because before we named Owen, we thought his name was pretty unique and hadn't heard of anyone with the same name. Now this study just came out and I have a Facebook friend (a.k.a. someone I went to high school with, but haven't talked to in years) named his son Owen last week. We tried to pick a name that was uncommon, but not weird. It seems nowadays that its almost impossible to pick a completely unique name though. In case you were curious, the other top boys names were Aiden (duh- we know two or three), Braxton (yuck), Brody, Caleb, Everett, Jacob, Mason, Maverick (oh geez),  Jack (every other person I know is naming their kid Jackson right now), Noah (was in our top 10), Liam (my cousin's kid), and Orion (says who?). Our favorite girl's name was in the top 250 favorite girl's names, but was not one of the top 13. In case you're curious, the top 13 are: Ava, Bailey, Brooklyn/Brook Lynn/Brooklynn/BrookLynn (barf), Chloe, Evelyn, Isabella, Jaelynn, Lexie (my friend's dog), Leyla, Lily (love it, but not as much combined with our last name because the ly sound is repetitive), Nevaeh (yuck), Piper (my favorite girl's name growing up-too bad I named my dog that), Rylee, and Savannah. 
Notice the name on the baby's tattoo?
7. What's on my Nook. Currently I am reading the latest of the J.D. Robb In Death books. It is called "Celebrity in Death." I am really enjoying it because its about the murder of an actress (who plays her partner) in a movie about the main character of the series, police lieutenant Eve Dallas. The fun part is that all the other actors and actresses in the movie are the suspects, but because they are all trained actors, it's hard to tell who is telling the truth and who isn't. Here's a synopsis: "Lieutenant Eve Dallas is no party girl, but she's managing to have a reasonably good time at the celebrity-packed bash celebrating The Icove Agenda, a film based on one of her famous cases. It's a little spooky seeing the actress playing her, who looks almost like her long-lost twin. Not as unsettling, though, as seeing the actress who plays Peabody drowned in the lap pool on the roof of the director's luxury building. Now she's at the center of a crime scene-and Eve is more than ready to get out of her high heels and strap on her holster and step into the role she was born to play: cop." I love this series so much. And right now, my mother-in-law and one of my friends have both started reading the first book in the series because I recommended it to them. I hope they like the series. It's always kind-of nerve-wracking to recommend a book to someone in case they wind up hating it.

 8. You're the cream in my coffee. In case you were unaware, I am in love with coffee. This has not always been the case, and in fact, I can attribute my love to two things: my husband and the necessity for caffeine when you have a baby that makes you exhausted most of the time. I started drinking coffee when Tim and I were first married and now it's hard to go without it. I take my coffee with sugar and lots of flavored creamer. My newest favorite creamer, which came out earlier this year while we were staying in the hotel, is International Delights' York Peppermint Patty. It is the perfect peppermint creamer and I just love having a relaxing (oxymoron, right?) cup of coffee in the mornings before Owen wakes up or on the weekends. My other favorite creamers are also from International Delight: Cinnabon and Almond Joy. Yummy! Try them out.

9. New car seat. Owen is swiftly outgrowing his infant carseat and we need to buy him a toddler carseat. There are just so many choices! We are currently looking at the Britax brand, either the Advocate or the Boulevard. I can't wait for him to be able to sit up a little higher in the backseat, especially since his pediatrician said that in Kentucky he has to sit facing backward until he is two years old. I know he gets so bored looking at the back of the seat, so maybe with a newer seat, he will at least be able to look out the back window. Does anyone have any recommendations when it comes to car seats for toddlers? We're all ears.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Out of space

      Just an update for the moment because my blog is experiencing some technical difficulties. Apparently I have reached the limit for the amount of free space that Blogger is willing to let me have. So right now I am trying to figure out what to do. You can pay to have more space, but I'm not sure if I want to do that. Otherwise, I guess I could delete some older posts to free up some room. Does anyone know if that will help any? Anyway, if you have dealt with this before and have any suggestions, I am all ears. Otherwise, hopefully I will figure this out and be back to blogging soon!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Friday

     The biggest news since I last posted? We're in our new house! (And we have the Internet set up finally). And currently, we are hosting my in-laws for the weekend. Which is great not just because it's cute watching Owen play with Tim's parents, but also because we might be able to get some more stuff done on our house projects with some help from them.

1. Kinect. We had a pretty low-key Mother's Day this year. My aunt and cousin were here visiting so we spent time with them and made a trip to Lowe's to look at paint swatches and pick up some more things for our kitchen upgrades. In the afternoon, I got to take a really long nap. And for dinner we ate Subway (still trying to counteract all the bad restaurant food that we're still eating because the kitchen is pretty unusable right now.) Then we watched the season finale of Once Upon A Time and then Games of Thrones. My Mother's Day present this year was the Xbox Kinect and the game Just Dance 3. We finally got it set up a few days ago and it has been so much fun. And we're getting some exercise playing it, which is great too. The dance game is actually pretty tough and the Adventures game that came with the Kinect is really fun too. Watching my inlaws play it last night was a hoot! 

2. Moving announcements. My moving announcements have been sent out so now I can show where I got them from. Of course, I had them made by a graphic designer on Etsy. I chose these ones by Jennifer Y. at the online shop Stationary Boutique. She was really great to work with and made any little changes I wanted really quickly. I think I got the cards within a week of ordering them. I also liked that she actually printed them for a good price instead of what most graphic designers are doing nowadays, which is letting you purchase the digital file for $15-20 and then you have to go print it yourself. Which can get kind-of pricey. (I blurred out our address for privacy.)

3. Favorite song. It's called "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. It's very catchy and fun to dance around to. Owen loves when I dance him around the living room while listening to it. And if you've seen the news recently, tons of college sports teams are making lip-synching viral videos using the song. I think it might have started with the Harvard baseball team. The SMU rowing team response was really funny too. 

4. Sanding. Is the devil. We are still not finished sanding all the cabinets in the kitchen. According to the tutorial we are following online, we should have finished all the sanding and wiping the cabinets down in one day. That is ridiculous and the people whose tutorial we are following cannot possibly have jobs. And while I know they have a baby, that kid must take four hour naps or something. We are really close to finishing the sanding though and I suspect we will have it done today and begin priming and painting this weekend. Yay! The main problem that we had was that some of the cabinets were really greasy and it kept gumming up the sandpaper. We did a little research and bought some TSP (Trisodium phosphate) which is used for heavy duty cleaning. I used it yesterday to wipe down all the cabinets without doors and sanding them went a lot quicker. I wish we had heard about TSP when we were sanding all the doors and drawers. Today we have to finish lightly sanding all the doors and drawers again and the bottom cabinets in the kitchen. Then I will wipe them all down with liquid deglosser and we should be ready to begin priming. I am hoping that we will have the cabinets finished within the next two weeks, allowing the cabinets plenty of time to dry after we paint them before we put on the new hardware and hinges. I have been trying to take pictures of the process, so I will do a complete rundown of our project once we're finished. 
5. Season finales. Now is the time for season finales on television and so far, I haven't been disappointed. I have only watched the Once Upon A Time and Bones season finales, but I have Grey's Anatomy DVRed and plan to watch it soon. Once Upon A Time's season finale was really good. I won't say too much because I know there are probably some people who haven't watched it, but I think there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered and I can't wait to see where they go with it next year. If you haven't watched it, you should find them online and catch up over the summer. The Bones season finale was really heartbreaking. I got on Facebook this morning and heard that someone dies on Grey's Anatomy, but luckily the person who posted that didn't say who dies because that would have ruined it for me. Hopefully I can watch it before I accidentally hear something or read something online. 

6. What To Expect When You're Expecting. I cannot wait to see this movie! I think it looks so funny and because Tim and I have just gone through the new baby adventure, a lot of it will remind us of things we went through with Owen so it will be all the more funny. Though of course everything will be exaggerated and probably make pregnant women look like crazy people. I do like that it seems to tell the story from the male perspective too, which will be hilarious.