Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Graham is five months old!

        This post is super super super late. Obviously, Graham is now six months old. But I wanted to post this anyway because I had written it up a while back, but never had the chance to take photos of him. I will try to get his six month post up soon since we just had his doctor's appointment last week. 
       The most amazing thing about this last month is that Graham is now starting to try to crawl. Its crazy. Now that he can roll from back to front, he rarely stays on his back. He gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth and then sort-of hurls himself forward. He also does planks and will even push himself up on only one foot. It's nuts. His poor little knees have rug burn all the time, but there's no stopping him from trying to crawl. Though he isn't officially crawling, he does make his way all around the floor and loves chewing on all his baby toys. His favorites are an Innobaby flower shaped teether, his cow lovey, his Green Toys twist teether and his Hape wooden dumb bell looking toy. 

Graham is still eating every three hours around the clock. He eats five ounces every time. 
I am currently unable to keep up with him because he eats so much now so I have had to dip into my freezer stock and have given him formula occasionally. I am hoping that eventually he will sleep better at night and not need as much to eat since I think his middle of the night feedings are just for comfort and not based on actual hunger. He still is a "happy spitter" and spits up frequently, but he is gaining weight just fine so we don't worry about it too much. 

Graham is still not sleeping through the night or even close to it. He typically fights us on going to bed for the night and doesn't typically fall asleep until eight or nine o'clock at night, sometimes later. We then typically feed him one last time before we go to bed at about 10 or 10:30. He will then wake up between 1 and 2 to eat and again sometime around 4 to eat. He will then sleep his longest stretch of the night from 4 a.m. to eight or nine in the morning. Of course, with Owen waking up in the morning, I don't typically benefit from his sleeping late in the morning. Mama is seriously in need of some rest! (Edit: In the two or three days since turning five months, Graham has stopped waking in the early morning for a second night feeding. He eats sometime between 10 and 11, again at 1 or 2 and then sleeps until about 7 a.m. Yay!)
      We moved him to the crib in the nursery when we got back home from visiting family at Christmas. We moved Owen into a twin bed in his own room. The transition went surprisingly well. 
      Graham is still swaddled when he sleeps. We swaddle him, give him a pacifier, and rock him until he falls asleep. We play white noise throughout the night. 

Other Things I Want To Remember:
       Graham is wearing 3-6 months and size 6 months clothing exclusively. He now wears size 2 diapers if he is in disposables. He does an alligator death roll when we're trying to change his diaper now so that makes diaper changes a lot more fun. 
         His hair is starting to grow in more now from where it was rubbing off. This is probably because he sleep son his stomach now that he can roll over. His eyes are still blue and seem to be getting a bit lighter. 
        I now bathe Graham with Owen most nights. I typically bathe Owen first and then Tim will bring me Graham and I will put him in his Summer Infant mesh bath in the tub right next to Owen. They both really seem to love bathing together. Owen especially loves helping me pour water on Graham. Graham loves bathtime and in particular enjoys sucking/chewing on the wash cloth I put over him to keep his body warm in the tub.
         Graham is enamored with his older brother and follows him around the room trying to see what he is doing. He enjoys watching Owen play with his toys and will try to get Owen's toys. Owen is not a huge fan of this. 
        We sit Graham in his Prince Lionheart seat so he can practice sitting up. He enjoys sitting up and being able to look around. We tend to do this mostly when we're eating dinner so we can all eat at the same time.