Friday, July 25, 2014

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     Space on this blog has run out and life has been crazy and I haven't had much time to keep up with blogging. I am getting this parent-of-two-kids thing down so I have started blogging again, but wanted a new space to do it. So check out my brand new blog Running a Well-Oiled Family where I will continue to keep every up to date with our lives.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Graham is 10 months old!

        Graham is 10 months old now. I am not sure how much he weighs or how long he is. He is soooo very close to walking and can take four or five steps at a time, sometimes more. Other big deals this month are that he stayed overnight for the first time away from us while we were at a wedding. 

Eating: Graham still loves eating anything and everything. He typically has a large bottle first thing in the morning followed by a solid food breakfast, a bottle and a solid food lunch, a mid-afternoon bottle, solid food dinner and bits of whatever we are eating, and another bottle when we put him to bed for the night. It's hard to say which food is his favorite because he honestly loves all foods. 

Sleeping: Graham is still a great sleeper. He sleeps a good 12 hours at night and takes two naps a day, one late morning and one a couple hours after lunch. He still uses a pacifier when he sleeps, but that's pretty much the only time. We will probably phase it out sometime around his birthday if he doesn't do it himself. 

Other Stuff I Want to Remember:
He is wearing size 6-12 months and size 12 months. He is in size 3 diapers when he wears disposables. Shoes are pretty difficult to fit on his feet, but when he does I think he is somewhere between a 3 and a 4. He has crazy messy hair and dark blue eyes. He still only has his two bottom teeth. 
Graham loves playing with his brother. He enjoys playing outside a lot, particularly with the water table. I has also discovered his brother's big wheel and likes to sit on it or have us push him around on it. He enjoys playing peek a boo. He can even entertain himself for short periods of time now, which is amazing for a 10 month old. 
He likes taking baths with his brother. He has been sitting up in the tub for the past couple months. 
Graham loves being read to. We probably don't read to him as much as we did with Owen, but you can definitely tell he loves it too. He will bring a book over and just plop down in my lap. His favorite is a little board book about a race car. 
Graham is really friendly, even with strangers. He does really well in church nursery for the most part and they really love him there. 
Like most children, he is attracted to technology and will try to get our cell phones, tablets, etc. if they are nearby. It's really pretty crazy. He will crawl as fast as he can to get it before we can take it away. Sometimes if he reaches it before we get to him, he will turn to look at us like, "Aren't you going to stop me now?" Or we will say "No, no" and will shake his head back and forth and smile mischievously. 

Here are some other photos from his 10 month photo shoot:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Graham is nine months old!

 At nine months, Graham:
  • Weighed 18 pounds, 15 ounces (22nd percentile)
  • Was 27 inches long (10th percentile)
  • Had a head circumference of 43.5 centimeters (7th percentile)
Graham still loves to eat. He has tried some new foods this month including peaches, ground turkey and chicken, blueberries, strawberries, and even some pineapple. He really has never shown any dislike for a food we have given him. All food is his favorite. He typically has a bottle of formula in the morning first thing, followed by a solid food meal. Another bottle and solid food meal at lunch. A mid-afternoon bottle. A solid food dinner in addition to eating bits of whatever we are eating and then a final bottle right before bed. It is impossible to eat in front of him without him begging to share. Regardless of whether he has just eaten. He will also eat pretty much any crumb or piece of leaf, fuzz, dirt, etc., off the floor so I have to sweep frequently.  He also likes to try to eat grass and clover outside. 

Graham is still a great sleeper. He now naps twice a day, having dropped his late afternoon nap. Now he wakes between 7 and 8, naps around 10:30, again at about 2 and then goes to bed at about 7:30 at night. He sleeps with a thin Aden+Anais blanket, a lovey, and a pacifier. He loves to toss them all out of the bed first thing when he wakes up. He also jumps up and down in his crib a lot. 

Other Things I Want to Remember:
Graham is wearing size 6-12 months clothes and 9 months clothes. He wears size three diapers when he is in disposables. He will soak through a disposable at night so we put him in a cloth diaper for bed. He is for the most part in cloth during the day too. 
His hair is getting pretty long, particularly in front. It is a similar coppery brown to mine and Owen's. His eyes are still blue. 
He got his two bottom teeth, but has not shown any signs of getting any more teeth any time soon. 
We had Graham dedicated at our church just before he turned nine months old. 
He said his first word - Mama! - on June 8. He took his first steps (two!) on June 21, a day before he turned 10 months old, walking from his daddy to me. He hasn't started walking yet, but has taken up to four steps at a time since then. He can definitely cruise around and transition from one piece of furniture to another easily. And he is the faster crawler I have ever seen. He has rough little knees from crawling all the time. On grass, he will bear crawl, keeping his knees up and walking on his hands and feet, which is really cute. He also started to wave this month and will say what sounds like "Hi." It's stinkin' cute. 
He is still very much a Momma's boy and prefers me over pretty much everyone else. He has separation anxiety. He loves to be near me and will crawl into my lap or roll around in my lap if I am sitting on the floor. If I am near, he is very friendly and sweet with others whether he knows them or not. He also really loves Daddy and will crawl as fast as he can to Tim as soon as he comes in the door after work. And he is obsessed with his older brother. If Owen is napping while Graham is awake, Graham will try to crawl down the hall to Owen's room and bang on the door. 
He loves playing with blocks and balls. He can actually roll a ball back and forth with you pretty well. He loves to knock over block towers when Owen gives him a chance. He prefers Owen's toys to his most of the time. He still likes his jumperoo and the music table. Perhaps his favorite new (to him) toy is the water table. I can put him and Owen outside with it and they will play happily for a couple hours in the water. 

Here are some more photos from his nine month photo shoot:

Waving Hi to Brother and Daddy. 

Two teeth!