Thursday, April 26, 2012

Owen's Walking!

I don't want to say much, other than I showed this to anyone who would watch it at work!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Owen's first haircut

    Because Owen was having professional pictures taken, I wanted to have his first haircut before to make sure his hair wasn't looking too shaggy. I figured that the stylist would just trim the part over his ears and in the back, but she completely cut all his hair really short. I was not prepared and felt like crying when my little baby didn't look like a baby anymore. He looks really cute with his hair shorter though and of course, it will grow back. And I made sure to have a lock of his hair to put in his baby book. When I asked for it, Tim said, "You're not going to be one of those moms, are you?" and before I could answer, the stylist said, "All moms do it." 
We took Owen to a special salon in Lexington just for kids.
I didn't take an official "before" picture to show how long Owen's hair had gotten, but you can sort-of see it here.
He enjoyed the race car chair, but was not a fan of the stylist holding his head still.
What are you doing? And what is that buzzing sound?
See how short it is near his hairline compared to the longer part on top?

The finished product. Such a handsome little man.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter recap (finally!)

     Easter was interesting for us this year. It was probably the first time in my entire life that we didn't spend it in the normal way with all of our family and going to church. But being in a new area makes it hard to celebrate in the traditional way. Especially when we're still living in the hotel. We did make sure that Owen's second Easter was a blast for him, though. He was just a tiny baby last Easter so we didn't bother with the Easter bunny or egg hunts or anything like that. This year, we went to a local park for the Easter Eggstravaganza. Owen enjoyed all the animals in the petting zoo and dancing to music and picking up Easter eggs. He also met the Easter bunny, though he didn't seem that impressed. And he was most certainly not a fan of having his face painted. My parents came to town for Easter weekend so we enjoyed having them celebrate with us and I was able to get some really cute pictures of Owen hanging with his grandparents.
Owen tried to make friends with this alpaca.

Cutest Easter bunny ever!

Not interested in sitting on the Easter bunny's lap, but he did tolerate being near him (actually a her).
The 0-3 age group of the egg hunt was insane! You'd think it would be more low-key since they're little, but some parents are nuts. We only picked up about four eggs since Owen doesn't eat candy.
We had his face painted to look like a bunny.
Our baby bunny.
A quick pic with Grams and Grampa and then it was home for a nap.
On Easter morning, Owen got to check out his Easter basket.
Peeps, bubbles, and books!
We had lunch at Acres of Land winery and it was fantastic!
The view around the winery was beautiful.
Checking out local flora with Grampa.
Clover blossoms are apparently tasty.
Here, try one Grampa.
What a cutie.
A sweet picture of my parents.
A sweet pic of Owen with his grandparents. You don't want to know what I was doing to get Owen to smile like that.
Sooooo close to walking by himself.

Grape vines at the winery.
My handsome boys.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cuteness alert: Part 2

     We got three more photos from Owen's professional photo shoot today. I am so happy with them, especially the outdoors one and the one in the bed. The bed one looks so homey and sweet and it really captures how pretty his eyes are. The photos all turned out so cute and totally capture his personality right now. Except for right now he is teething and getting in his molars so I haven't seen that smile too much today. Poor baby. If anyone has any tips for easing his suffering, let me know. I have a sad, pitiful baby. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday party recap

The birthday boy.
  I promise I will eventually get the Easter and first haircut photos up on the blog, but I figured everyone would be more excited about seeing pictures from Owen's first birthday party. We held it last Saturday at our home church in the town where Tim's parents and my parents live. We were surrounded by close friends and family and we had an absolutely wonderful time. Owen ate up all the attention and didn't mind being passed from person to person at all.
   The party was Dr. Seuss-themed and his books (and Pinterest) were a great source of ideas for everything from food to decorations. Even our clothing was Seuss-themed. Some of my favorite details were Tim's and my Thing Dad and Thing Mom shirts, the colorful food display with themed labels and the coordinating books from which they were inspired, the birthday banner and other cute printables I found online, and Owen's name sign, which I made with my cousin and a friend by decoupaging pictures and words from a copy of The Cat in the Hat to letters I bought at Hobby Lobby. (Yes, I cut up a book. It wasn't a first edition).
    The room came together rather quickly and I was really pleased with the final product of my two months of brainstorming and creating and buying... I don't have a photo of the entire room, but I have several of many of the details. I had several tables and areas set up around the room. Here's a quick description of each and some photos. 
    Table One: Near the door, I had a sign-in table with the book "Happy Birthday to You" for guests to sign, along with a framed invitation, a sign instructing guests what to do (in Dr. Seuss rhyming form, of course), a bucket of pens, and some stacked Dr. Seuss blocks that my aunt found at Sam's Club the day before the party.
     Table Two: This table was sort-of a mish-mash of things that didn't have any other place to go. It was here that I put the party favors for the kiddos (all four of them). Each child got a Dr. Seuss book and a rainbow swirl lollipop.The table also had party hats. I bought the party hats online on a party supply website and then glued the puffy red balls on top that I found at Michael's for just $1.98. At the end of the table was a trivia game for guests to complete to see who knew the most facts about Owen. The three top scorers went home with our Gerbera Daisy centerpieces. Not surprisingly, my two sister-in-laws and one of my best friends were the winners. 
Trivia questions included, "When did Owen first start consistently sleeping through the night?" (Answer: Four months) and "What fruit does Owen hate?" (Bananas.)
Party hats.
Labeled party favor bag with custom thank you tag.
Grownup favors.
Here is a close-up of the favor tag.
     Table Three: This was the drink table. We had two glass containers featuring "Pink Ink Yink Drink" (pink lemonade) and "Beezelnut Splash" (Sprite with blue and yellow Jello floating in it). We also offered water bottles, which I wrapped with a custom printed label.
     Table Four: The food table (counter) turned out to be really colorful and attractive. I laid out all the foods on platters and in bowls and then paired them with custom labels that described the foods and what Dr. Seuss book they were inspired by. Other than the chips and salsa, all the foods came from a Dr. Seuss book. I also propped up the specific book that the food was featured in next to the dish. The food was served on Dr. Seuss Happy First Birthday plates that I bought online at a party supply website. We served Ham I Am sandwiches (ham and swiss cheese on a Hawaiian roll with a special mustard sauce over top), green-dyed deviled eggs, oodles of noodles pasta salad, Yertle's caramel turtles (pretzels, rolos, and pecans), truffula fruits (strawberries, grapes and pineapple), fish in a pot (goldfish crackers), ABC cookies, and Swedish fish. 
The food display.

    Table Five: The cake table featured a cupcake tower with red, white, and pool blue frosted cupcakes (labeled Who-cakes) and Owen's smash cake, which was shaped like the Cat in the Hat's top hat. The cupcakes were decorated with cupcake toppers that I made in four different designs with the number one, Owen's name, a picture of a Dr. Seuss-style cake, and one with a cake that said Happy First Birthday Owen. 
Yummy! The cake table.
Owen's "smash cake" - made especially for him to mess up.

    Table Six: The gift table. I just hung a custom sign on this table. And presents quickly overwhelmed it.
     Other decorations included a balloon wreath on the front door, a Happy Birthday pennant banner and the letters spelling Owen's name that I mentioned earlier. I don't have a photograph of the balloon wreath, but I made it based on a tutorial I found on Pinterest and it turned out really cute. I also hung a pennant banner on the front of Owen's high chair and we had balloon bouquets throughout the room as well. 
The birthday boy's special chair - a brand new high chair from my parents.
A closer look at the banner and letters.
    Owen had a fabulous time at the party. He enjoyed being the center of attention and he loved all the food and cake and unwrapping presents. And he was certainly blessed with lots of those. He received so many new outfits and great books and toys.
Thing Mom and Thing Dad.
The birthday boy is almost walking.
Once again, a little cautious with the cake.

Loving all the attention from his many fans.
Note to current and future parents: red frosting can appear frightening smeared on a baby's face. Also, red stains, but thankfully my dad has some magic stuff that gets pretty much any stain out so Owen's special onesie is frosting-free again.
Opening presents.
Showing off for his audience on his brand new rocking horse.
More fun toys.
One happy boy (and mommy and daddy)
Pushing his new flapping duck.
Aunt Leah lending a hand.
     Unfortunately, I got so wrapped up in taking pictures of Owen with his cake and then opening his presents, that I didn't get hardly any pictures of Owen with our family members. If anyone took pictures of themselves with Owen, please let me know. I would love to have them!
    This party was a big labor of love. I have always loved party planning, but this party was more than just a celebration of Owen turning one. It was a celebration of the fact that we are now a drive away from our family and friends and that these people will get to be around Owen a lot more now that we've moved closer. Owen is such a loved little boy and he is so lucky to have such great people in his life. Thanks to everyone who helped make his party a success.
    Thank you to my parents for buying some of the party supplies, preparing food, and letting me use up the ink cartridges in their printer two times. Thank you to my in-laws for providing Owen's birthday cakes and those great green deviled eggs and for helping set up before the party. Thank you to my sisters-in-law for helping to set up when I was stressing out about getting everything together in time for the party. They all also helped with the clean-up. Thank you to my Aunt Twyla for spending a good thirty minutes tying the perfect bows to the flower pots and for watching Owen so that we could cook and set up the day of the party. Thank you to my cousin Johanna for making the O letter in the Owen sign and to my friend Haley for helping me complete the W, E, and N. Thank you to Jane for loaning me the drink dispensers even though she wasn't able to make it to the party. We missed you! Thank you to everyone who came to the party and helped us celebrate Owen's birthday. And thank you to anyone that I may have forgotten. Thank you to my husband for not complaining too much about spending all this money and time on a one-year-old's birthday party that he "won't even remember." And thank you to my wonderful son who makes every day an adventure and who finds fun wherever he is.