The Rumelys

     Hi and welcome to our little corner of the Internet. We're Tim and Jessica. Tim and I met in high school where he gave me my first kiss in the parking lot after a French Club meeting. Several years later, we reconnected while attending the University of Georgia and started dating. We married in August 2009 and had our son Owen in 2011.
     Our blog title comes from our desire to always follow God's plan for our lives. Marry the first boy I ever kissed? Okay, God. Have a baby way before we planned? Sure thing, God. Move across the country twice? Sounds great, God. Despite our life being everything except what we may have originally planned for ourselves, we wouldn't change it for the world. His plan is the best plan. 

     This blog started as a way to update friends and family about our lives after we moved, but it has become so much more for me. An outlet for my love of writing and photography, a way to connect with friends and family from far away and complete strangers, and a place for me to chronicle our lives. Read on as I share my adventures as a mom, recipes, books, my current obsessions, and more.