Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beach Baby

     As some of you know, we recently returned from a week-long beach vacation to Sanibel Island with my parents. Oh, it was fun. Sun, sand, time by the pool, reading, fishing, dinners out, and more games of Angry Birds than I can count. My family has been vacationing on Sanibel Island since I was a kid, and it is one of my favorite places in the world. We have so many great memories there and every year we go back, we make more. It was so special to be able to take Owen there and such a blessing to be able to enjoy a week of fun and relaxation with my parents. As much as we love going back home to visit family and friends, after a big move this year and a new baby, these pooped parents really needed to be able to go somewhere to relax. We even got to go out on a little date together (sans baby) while on vacation. We also were able to briefly visit Tim's family on our way back to Washington too.
     Here are some pictures from our trip. 
With Grams at the beach. Check out my cute froggy bathing suit.

Sandy toes.

Can you spot the baby?

A quick visit with Nana and Papa before we flew home.

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