Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tasty Thursday

Here are the reviews for last week's new recipes in case you're interested in how they turned out. 

Chili Frito pie: A
This was a really good chili recipe and I didn’t have to buy any specific chili seasonings. I could just use what I have in my cabinet. Tim really liked it as well. The only thing I might do differently in the future is add a bit more tomato sauce and some water because I like my chili to be a little more soupy.

Chicken tacos: B
This recipe seemed really great in theory, but the results were not so hot. Also, in case anyone was wondering, using flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas was a big mistake. The flour tortillas puffed up and tried to escape in the pan and chicken kept falling out while they were frying and it was a big mess. Also, frying the taco overcooked the chicken inside. Otherwise, they still tasted okay (because of course, fried foods always taste good). I definitely liked the addition of a can of green chiles to the chicken, but if I made chicken tacos again, I wouldn’t bother frying anything.

Because I'm making some recipes this week that make a lot of food, I'm only going to be cooking a few times and we're going to be eating a lot of leftovers for dinners and lunches. Which means, less cleaning the kitchen! Yay!

Thursday: Chicken parmesan skillet pot pie. I found this recipe online when I was searching for dinner ideas to use up the extra pie crust I still have from when I made Italian pie. I had passed up about a million chicken pot pie recipes when I came upon this one. It's from a website called Picky Palate. It's a blog written by a stay-at-home mom of two boys who creates "family-friendly" meals that anyone, especially those with more limited palates, would love. The best thing is that it seems like it won't take too much time to make and won't dirty too many dishes. And I can throw in a side salad and we have a complete meal. 
Friday: Leftovers, with zucchini casserole on the side. I shred the zucchini and bake it in a casserole dish with a little olive oil, garlic powder, and some parmesan cheese. You can then top it with some breadcrumbs. Yum!  
Saturday: Dr. Pepper Spicy Shredded Pork sandwiches with coleslaw on top. We'll have it with baked sweet potato fries on the side. This is the Pioneer Woman recipe I made a couple months ago. I still have a pork shoulder in the freezer and I wanted to use it and I really liked this recipe so I decided to make it again. It will make for some tasty sandwiches on college football Saturday. And we actually get to watch the UGA game in the evening this week! 
Sunday: Leftovers of the pork wrapped in tortillas with shredded romaine lettuce, salsa, cheese, and avocado. We'll have them with black beans and leftover cole slaw on the side. 
Monday: Italian chicken soup. This is a Pioneer Woman recipe that my mom recommended. I just love soup and I'm so excited that it is fall. And it has actually been really rainy and chilly here in the last few days so soup is just what the doctor ordered. My mom made some changes to the recipe and I think I will add in some of the things that she used like spinach, carrots, and kidney beans. I will also leave out about half of the cream she suggested using to make it a little healthier.
Tuesday: Leftover soup.
Wednesday: Slow cooker Bajio chicken. This is a yummy looking recipe I found online at a blog called Six Sisters' Stuff. We will have it in leftover tortillas from earlier in the week. And we will most likely have the leftovers on Thursday in a salad like in the picture .

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