Friday, August 2, 2013

10 Storks Review

       I recently heard about a brand new subscription box called 10 Storks. 10 Storks is a monthly care package for pregnant women. You receive one box each month of your pregnancy and an extra 10th box for your newborn is sent to you for free at the end of your subscription regardless of when you began your subscription. Boxes are $40 a month and if you don't find out you are pregnant until the second or third month, you can either start then, or request and pay to receive the first couple boxes all at once. 
        10 Storks just launched this month and will ship out their first boxes on August 15. Because I am so close to the end of my pregnancy, I contacted the company to tell them I would love to try their product, but that I was afraid I wouldn't receive it in time since Owen came two weeks early. The owner of the company, Shoua Kue, offered to send me the ninth box for free before their launch so I would be certain to get it before baby. What great customer service! 
     10 Storks boxes come beautifully packaged in a silver box with their signature yellow and purple tissue paper and ribbons. The box isn't huge, but it did weigh a decent amount. And it was shipped super quickly all the way from California. 

I was pleased that the box came with a personalized card from Shoua and the 10 Storks team as well as a description of the items in my box. 

The letter with a description of my items was personalized with my name as well as a sweet message about the end of my pregnancy. I am seriously bummed that I am so close to finishing my pregnancy and am too late to check out their earlier boxes. I feel like this would be the best gift for a pregnant woman to feel pampered a little each month of her pregnancy. 

The personalized note card was also really special. I have never had a subscription box do this before. I'm sure it adds some time to packing, but I think the extra care that goes into these packages will be really appreciated by pregnant mommas in need of some pampering and attention. 

It was hard to rip into that beautifully layered paper to see what was inside. 

Chocolate is always a sign of a good box. 

And here's what came in my box:

  • Mambino Mommy & Baby Bonding Kit (Retail $44.00): This 6-piece organic kit offers great products that allow you to bond with your baby as soon as he or she arrives. This gift set includes all the skin care essentials to cleanse, nourish and protect a newborn's delicate skin from day one, and is a must have for every baby. The set includes: Calendula nursing balm, mild baby wash and shampoo, tippy toes calming baby oil, happy baby soothing stick, mommy and baby calming aromatherapy oil, and an organic cotton and hemp wipe. This is such a great pack of products and I fully intend to bring it along to the hospital with my so that I can use them right away. I'm really picky about what I put on my baby's skin so I really appreciate such high quality, organic skin care products. And as far as the box being worth the price, this kit alone covers the price of the entire box. 

  • Lindt Chocolate Bar and Orchard Valley Harvest Cashews and Almonds:  This gourmet chocolate bar looks so tasty. The insert says the chocolate bar is a special treat for the end of the pregnancy and a special indulgence for a pregnant momma. And the pouches of nuts also look tasty. Almonds and cashews are both good for health and include important nutrients. They will also make a great protein-packed snack for after I deliver the baby so I plan to toss them in my hospital bag for times when I'm famished after labor, but don't feel like ordering from the hospital.  ($3.99 for chocolate; $1.82 for almonds; $1.55 for cashews)

  • Samples of Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Balm, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, and Natural Nipple Butter: These samples are included to introduce moms-to-be to a brand of skin care products that has several creams and lotions specifically for use after the arrival of your baby. Mama Bottom Balm helps soothe sore mama bottoms after a vaginal delivery, Natural Nipple Butter eases the discomfort of breastfeeding, and Angel Baby Bottom Balm protects brand new baby bottoms. 
       I really enjoyed the ninth box of the 10 Storks series. I thought they did a great job of providing me with items that I can use after the baby is born and some yummy treats too. I expected more items for use in labor, but because women have such different needs based on whether they have a vaginal delivery or C-section, it would be hard to personalize a box with items dependent on that. Getting a mama ready to bond with her baby is something that all soon-to-be mothers can appreciate though! 
       For more information about what is included in each month of the boxes, check out this list:
~ Month 1: This box focuses on preparing you for pregnancy. It includes prenatal vitamins, a mom's planner, an informational book on what food to eat during pregnancy, and other goodies.
~ Month 2: As your baby is growing, so are your symptoms of pregnancy! This box is designed to alleviate any unpleasant symptoms such as nausea and heartburn while allowing you to maintain a healthy body. 
~ Month 3: As your body continues to change, so it your skin. This care package pampers your skin and body.
~ Month 4: You will be experiencing new symptoms and this box will help you care for your overall health. 
~ Month 5: At the halfway point, we want to celebrate your upcoming motherhood by giving you a little something special.
~ Month 6: This box concentrates on your growing baby bump. We want to make you laugh, care for any stretch marks, and help maintain a healthy baby bump. 
~ Month 7: This month is dedicated to helping your body deal with the weight of your baby bump since you lower extremities will be experiencing more pressure than before. 
~ Month 8: During this month, we want to assist you in looking forward to your newborn. We will offer many items that you can use when your newborn arrives.
       If you don't want to commit to an entire pregnancy's worth of monthly boxes, they also offer a one-time Pregnancy Survival Kit for $60. 

       If you are interested in signing up for 10 Storks or gifting a subscription to the deserving pregnant woman in your life, click HERE. You can receive $10 off your first box by using the promo code therumelys. That code is good through August 15. 

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