Monday, September 16, 2013

FabKids review (New boy's line)

  I had heard of FabKids before, but had not heard that they had recently started offering boy clothes until I got a voucher for a free outfit from the company in my August Citrus Lane box (click that link to see my review of the August Citrus Lane box). I figured there was no harm in trying it out and decided to order an outfit for Owen. 
       FabKids is a monthly children's clothing subscription service. The service costs $39.95 a month for a three-piece outfit, including some combination of a shirt, pants, and an accessory like socks, a belt, or a jacket. On the first day of each month, subscribers receive an e-mail linking them to the newest outfit selections to choose from for that month. If you aren't in love with any of that month's looks, you have until the 10th of the month to skip the shipment (and the bill) for that month. If you don't like the items once you receive them, you can easily return some or all of the pieces for FabKids credit or exchange for a different size with shipping paid my FabKids or you can return the items for your money back minus a $5.95 restocking fee. 
        The company offers clothing for girls and boys (the boys line just debuted in August) in sizes 2T to size 11/12. Last month when I ordered there were about 28 different outfit combinations to choose from featuring nine different shirts, eight pants, a hoodie, a belt, and a two-pair set of socks. 
       I chose the Plaid and Color Outfit in a size 2T. The style was not really something I would pick out in the store, but I liked the bright colors and figured since I was getting it for free that I would take a chance on something a little out of the norm. Plus my kiddo is pretty darn cute and looks good in most things. The outfit came with the Plaid Play Shirt, orange Skinny Chinos and the Woven Belt. I also added on another shirt since I was getting the outfit for free. I ordered the Awesome All Day Tee. 
      My package shipped FedEx Smart Post and came relatively quickly. It was packaged in a  bright blue box (girls get pink) and each item was individually wrapped in plastic sleeves like you would get when ordering from most clothing stores online. The quality was better than I expected. Better than what you would get from Target or Children's Place, but maybe not as good as Gymboree or BabyGap or GAP Kids. The shirt and pants were both really soft and brightly colored. The outfits seem to be pretty true to size based on other brands. The size 2T is a little big for my guy who is just now at 29 months old starting to wear size 2T. Size 2T pants are typically too long for him and shirt sleeves are a bit too long as well. I rolled the sleeves and the pant legs up on these outfits and he should definitely get plenty of use out of them as he continues to grow. 
  • Plaid Play Shirt: This shirt is really cute and bright. The quality is good. I wouldn't necessarily call it a play shirt since I don't put Owen in button-downs to play, but I think it could be worn for many different occasions. It's meant to pair with the orange pants, but would look super cute with jeans as well.
  • Skinny Chino: These bright orange pants are super cute. I was probably most apprehensive about this item, but they look really cute on Owen. I rolled up the hem of the pants a bit so he's not stepping on them, but they are really close to being a good length, especially once he has shoes on. The fit through the pants is really good and though the waist was pretty big, there is an adjustable internal button elastic system to tighten them more. I love pants that feature an adjustable waistband because it helps get a much better fit. 
  • Awesome All Day Tee: This tee shirt is very soft and a really fun lime green and white stripe pattern with navy embroidery and printed graphic. I had to roll the sleeves up for Owen since he's smaller than the average 29-month-old. It seems to be good quality and is really cute.
  • Woven Belt: Owen loves belts because he sees his daddy wear them almost every day. I had to tighten this a lot for Owen to wear it so he should be able to get use out of it for a while. It's very cute and I love the bright colors. 
     I am really happy with the quality and cuteness of my FabKids outfit. Now with two kids, the idea of having to go out shopping seems really daunting so I love the idea of having clothes just show up at my doorstep. And the items are really unique and different from the clothing I would find at the places I normally shop. The only children's clothing store near us is Children's Place and I find their boy clothes to be pretty boring. They are great for staples like jeans, khakis, and polo shirts, but they don't have a lot of fun clothes. FabKids has cute and trendy outfits and frequently offers deals for discounts on their clothing. For instance, a discount for first-time orders and currently a deal for $20 off an order of two outfits. You also receive points for every item you purchase and can redeem those points for a free outfit. 
     If you want to try out FabKids, click my link HERE. Using my referral link, you can get your first three-piece outfit for 50 percent off! This would make your first outfit just $19.99. 

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  1. What a neat box. I took am hesitant to leave the house to do much shopping when I have two kiddos, plus where we live, we always travel at least 2 hours to the nearest mall. I'm thinking this would be great! Ill be considering this box for sure.