Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Graham is three months old!

     I'm late in posting this again, but we have had a really busy month with illness and visiting family and life with two kids in general.
        At three months old, Graham weighs about 13 pounds (nothing exact since we didn't have a doctor's appointment this month). This is more than Owen at that age. This past month Graham was also diagnosed with pertussis (aka whooping cough). This has made our boy pretty fussy as his cough wakes him frequently and we're not getting much sleep. He still has a little bit of a cough especially at night. I think for this reason, he will be later than his brother in starting to sleep through the night. Here is some other news on the Graham front:

       Graham still eats every 2.5 to three hours like clockwork. He eats four to five ounces at every feeding. He gets really mad if you try to burp him before he's had a couple ounces as if we regularly starve him. I have tried integrating some dairy back into my diet, but I think that is causing Graham to be fussier and spit up more so I think I'm going to have to cut it out completely again. 
       I am still pumping breastmilk for him and haven't had to supplement with formula. I pump about four times a day now and am still storing milk in the freezer. 

Graham is a pretty good sleeper for a sick baby. He is getting to be on a schedule now and will go down for naps about an hour and a half after we wakes to eat. This is helping in getting him to fall asleep faster and without all the drama. At night he generally falls asleep sometime around eight and then we try to feed him once more before we go to bed. He typically wakes up about twice during the night and early morning. He is still sleeping swaddled. 

Other Things I Want to Remember: 
      Graham  wears size 0-3 month clothing. He is about to be in size 3-6 months. He size one diapers when he isn't in cloth. We are pretty much in cloth full time now which I enjoy. 
      He has a pretty good amount of hair still, though it is rubbing thin on the back on his head (see photo below). His eyes are still blue, but if he is like Owen, they will begin to change sometime in the next month. 
       I am still amazed at how talkative Graham is. He coos a lot and "talks" to us. He is for sure really smiling now and is really close to laughing. I can't wait! 
       Another milestone reached is the ability to roll from his tummy to his back. He did this on Halloween. He had done it a couple times in the first few weeks after he was born, but I didn't really count it. 
       Graham also found his hands this month and loves putting them in his mouth.
      He enjoys music and really loves when I sing to him.
      He likes being on his playmat for limited amounts of time and enjoys looking at the toys hanging overhead and in the mirror. He does well at tummy time and can hold his head up really well. He has started reaching for and grabbing things like the little toys that hang from the playmat's arches. His favorite is the giraffe. 
       He is super strong and can hold his head up and look around. He hates laying flat now and fusses until we sit him up in our laps or stand him up. 
      Car rides are calming and he typically falls asleep in his carseat. We made the drive to Georgia for Thanksgiving and he did really well in the car again. 
       He loves being in the Moby Wrap and the Beco carrier. 
       He likes bathtime a lot more now. I tend to bathe him in the kitchen sink because it's a good level for me and it makes it easier. Bathtime tends to be quick before he gets upset.
       Graham thinks his big brother is awesome and loves looking around for him when he hears his voice. 

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