Monday, April 28, 2014

Graham is eight months old!

 So... that thing about second time moms is totally true. But I recently took photos of Graham now that he is eight months old and I am going to try to get back into posting monthly about him. 

Weight: A little more than 18 pounds

Graham loves to eat! He takes a six ounce bottle every three hours. We have switched to formula, but have a stash of breast milk in the freezer that we still use as well. He can feed himself his own bottle now, which is pretty cute. I normally hold him still or prop him up in my lap while he has his bottle. He had his first taste of solid food on February 1 at five months old. He has since tried oatmeal cereal, apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, carrots, mango and avocado. He loves everything, though avocado is not his favorite. He also eats little bits of our food from time to time because he gets really jealous when we eat in front of him. He loves eating Puffs as well. 

Graham sleeps through the night most nights now, going to bed around 7:30 or eight and sleeping until about 8 in the morning. Some nights he will wake in the night once. He is sleeping unswaddled now and goes to bed with a lovey and a pacifier. He naps about three times a day: late morning, early afternoon and a really short nap in the late afternoon. 

Other Things I Want To Remember:
       Graham is wearing 6-12 months and size 9 months clothing exclusively. He now wears size 3 diapers if he is in disposables. He would probably be in size 2 shoes if he wore shoes. 
         His hair is light brown and fuzzy. Like his big brother and Daddy, he has a cowlick in the front that makes his hair His eyes are still blue. He still has no teeth. At this age, Owen had almost four. People always say that he looks like his big brother, but I think Graham and Owen look very different. 
        Since he began crawling at five months and has been pulling up and cruising around furniture for the last couple months, Graham is always on the go. I have to keep an eye on him all the time. He likes playing with his toys. His favorite things to play with are stacking blocks and cups, balls, and anything that makes noise. Nothing much keeps his attention for long though and he prefers to just play with random household objects like coasters and shoes. He really enjoys music and will bounce up and down while it's playing. He likes playing in the jumperoo for periods of time. 
         Graham really loves bathtime with his older brother. He will try to crawl over the side of the tub and into the bath if I don't put him in fast enough. 
         Graham does okay in the car for the most part, but typically has at least one crying spell during long trips. He is back to being happy as a lark as soon as he is out of his carseat though. 
         Graham loves to watch older brother play and tries to follow after him. 
         Graham is a momma's boy at the moment. He has definitely gotten to that age where he has begun to distinguish between people and can recognize faces. He definitely knows who Mommy and Daddy are. I really love this at the moment, because he will still let other people hold him and all, but he just prefers me most of the time. Sometimes he will show a bit of separation anxiety, but for the most part he is very friendly and willing to go to anyone. He does well at church nursery and our various small groups when he is away from us. 
          He is easy going and good-natured and has a smile for everyone. He laughs easily and babbles a little now. Mostly Bababa and mamama. 
          He was stung twice by a wasp last week and after crying for just a short time, was back to his usual, happy self. The doctor was super impressed.     

Recap of Milestones from the Last Few Months:
Five months old: 
First solid food
Starts crawling

Six months:
Pulls up by himself
Visit from Papa and Nana and Aunt Jenny
Sleeps through the night for the first time (10 hours)

Seven months:
Visit from Grandpa and Grams
Starts transitioning from one object to another (i.e. from couch to coffee table)
Starts cruising
Trip to Georgia to visit family
First Easter
Begins sleeping unswaddled

Here are some more photos from his eight month photo shoot:


  1. What an adorable little boy! You do such a great job of capturing just the right moments, Jessica!

  2. He's grown up so much! I miss your updates, but I totally understand, it's SO much harder to update regularly with 2 kids! I'm dreading/looking forward to Callen crawling. Part of me is like "it will be so nice for him to be more independent" but then immediately I think "OH NO, he will be into EVERYTHING!"
    Thanks for your comment on my blog today too! Everything has been going well for us, just been crazy busy trying to keep up with life in general! :-)

  3. Great pics and post!! You gotta write more about his laugh and cry-- they are so unique and stinkin cute!!