Thursday, September 30, 2010

Menu Monday

Better late than never right?

Monday: We had a recipe that my mom makes called Ritz cracker chicken. Basically you crush up Ritz crackers and mix them with parmesan cheese and then dip the chicken breasts into melted butter, then the cracker mixture, and then bake. It is really yummy. We had rice and steamed broccoli with it.
Tuesday: Papa Johns pizza. Because I was craving it.
Wednesday: We ate out again because I got back from Athens late.
Thursday: Durkee chicken. This is a recipe that my mom makes that she got from her friend Jane, I think. It is made using Durkee mustard sauce and butter and chicken over yellow rice. It is soooo good. Tim will not eat it because he doesn’t like mustard, so he is going to be eating macaroni and cheese. Don’t feel bad for him though, because I’ve only made this one other time during our marriage and he was out of town on a camping trip. It’s one of my favorites though, and I’m long overdue for it. 
Friday: Spaghetti with meat sauce and steamed asparagus. I have actually never made spaghetti before (cue the gasps of shock). I have plenty of pasta meals that I do make, but plain ol’ spaghetti has never been one of them. Tim requested this meal made like his momma makes it.

Saturday: Harvest grain and nut pancakes. This is a knock-off recipe of the pancakes at IHOP from a book called “Top Secret Restaurant Recipes.” It is fabulously good and my husband makes them. He has dibs on all the pancake-making at our house because he has memories of his dad making pancakes for him and his siblings on Saturday mornings. I do not fight him on it. Also, because they have whole wheat flour, oats, and almonds in them, I pretend that eating pancakes is healthy.

Sunday: Grilled barbecue chicken, roasted new potatoes, and peas. Simple, easy, and Tim’s mom’s recipe for roasted potatoes is pretty delicious.  

Anyway, not a lot of new recipes this week. In fact, quite a few from our mothers. Can you tell we miss home a little bit?

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