Friday, March 16, 2012


    Moving to Kentucky has definitely been a challenge. The last time Tim's company moved him, I was pregnant so it was much easier living in a hotel for weeks while we looked for a place to rent. Now, we have a very energetic baby-on-the-outside and we're looking to buy a house, which is a much longer process. So far, I have been in the hotel since last Friday evening. Tim's parents drove Owen and I up from Georgia to meet Tim at the Holiday Inn Express, which will be our home for the next month or so. 
    Now, you may think that living in a hotel would be so very awesome.You know, someone to clean up after you every day and free breakfast and a pool and all that. And those things are pretty neat for about half a week. And I'm sure if I was in a gigantic penthouse suite in some big city hotel that the new wouldn't wear off as quickly. But now, Owen and I are both going crazy in the hotel room. And our laundry is piling up. And using a Laundromat is just no fun. And it's actually pretty expensive. The other hard part is that Owen is in the same room as us, so bedtime can be challenging. Most of the time when we put him down to sleep, he pops back up like a prairie dog and then begins giggling like we were playing hide-and-seek and he just found us. It's really cute though, and hard not to laugh when he does it. But sometimes Tim and I just want to relax and watch TV and it's hard trying to keep the room both dark and quiet after putting Owen to bed.
    We have had some fun while we've been here. Owen and I swim in the hotel pool and we've found a local park to play in. Owen's first time in the swings at the park was so very cute. He had a blast. He is also charming all the employees at the hotel, particularly at breakfast in the morning and whenever we are still in our room when the maids come. 
    On the house hunting front, we are still plugging away looking for houses online and in real estate magazines. We have been pre-approved for a loan by a couple different places and we also have a realtor who is helping us look for places. We have found one house that I really liked, but we are going to look at a few more places before we decide whether to make any offers on it. It is an older house, but the couple who own it have taken really good care of it and it's really cute. All the rooms are a nice size and they have recently put in hardwood and tile in various areas of the house. Another great thing about the house is the yard. Unlike most of the other places we've lived... it actually has one! And the former owner was a landscaper, so it is a really pretty yard with knock-out roses and little nooks all over the place where they've set up seating so that hanging out in the yard would be really great. And with Owen on the verge of walking, I really want him to have a nice yard to play in. We have probably looked at a total of six houses in person. (And about a billion online). We had a few more that our realtor picked out for us to see, but we decided not to because they were either listed at more than we wanted to spend or they were really small.
     Tim's new job is going okay. He seems to like it alright, but hasn't really been there long enough to have any real opinion on it yet. I'm sure he is enjoying the fact that he gets to wake up more than an hour later than he used to at his previous job. And he gets home earlier too! 
    Anyway, that's just a little update on what's been going on with us in the last couple weeks. And to end, here's a picture of Owen hanging out on the bed in the hotel room. He's not doing it in this picture, but he has started sitting with his ankles crossed all the time and it is majorly cute. Also, it has been pretty hot here so I've begun putting him in some of his summer clothes, which are 12-18 months size. They are too big for him, but I didn't want to waste money buying summer clothes in the size he is about to outgrow.
     Stay tuned...

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  1. I hope you guys find a house soon! Sounds like you are on an adventure and are ready for everyone to have their own beds! Lol Best of luck!