Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Owen is eleven months old!

    Sorry that this post is so very late, but we've been pretty busy in the past few weeks. Owen turned eleven months old almost two weeks ago. He is full of energy and always on the move. He is also changing so quickly. Tim said he was a completely different baby after being away from Owen and I for a week.

    Owen is eating really great for the most part. He takes a bottle of formula about three to four times a day now, mainly before naps and bedtime. He eats a solid food meal three times a day. He is especially picky and mainly wants to eat the expensive organic baby foods. And after tasting Gerber vs. Plum and Happy Baby, I can't really blame him. He is also still a big fan of Cheerios and Gerber Puffs. He has also learned to drink from a straw and is very proud of himself. He has his own straw cup to drink juice from, but whenever we're at a restaurant, he really wants to drink from our cups.

     Owen is sleeping really great the majority of the time. He sleeps through the night. For his bedtime routine, we give him a bath on every other night and then a bottle and a diaper change. We then cuddle him for a little bit and rock him until he is calm and starts looking real sleepy. We then put him in his crib with lullaby music playing and his Sleep Sheep. He will typically cry for between 2-5 minutes before falling asleep. He also does a good job with his naps and generally takes two a day at about one hour each. His routine is basically the same as his evening routine, just shorter.

Other Stuff I Want to Remember:
     Owen is wearing size 6-12 months and size 12 months clothing. He is in size 3 diapers and wears size 3 shoes. 
    He has learned to do quite a few things in the past month. He can give kisses, fake cough, and will sometimes high five and wave. He is very friendly and most of the time loves the attention he gets from strangers. He loves looking at books. His favorite is still "Dear Zoo" because he can lift all the flaps on the pages. He is still getting into everything and really enjoys playing for just a few seconds with something before moving on to the next thing. He likes things that make music and will bounce up in down like he's dancing either in standing position or sitting down. He loves his activity table still and his Poppity Pop musical dino. He also enjoys dumping all the pieces out of his shapes sorter and throwing those around. He still pulls everything off shelves and from inside cabinets.

    Here are the pictures from his eleven month photo shoot. 

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  1. He is SO cute! Avery takes 2 bottles of formula a day - one in the morning and one before bed and I have been wondering when to ease out of that? Does the formula just get replaced with milk when they are 12 months? Everything I have read is not very clear. I guess I will have to wait until her 12 month Dr appointment and see what he says. The joys of being a first time mom!