Friday, April 13, 2012

Random Friday

1. Easter Recap. Never fear. Although Easter was almost a week ago, I will still post some photos from our Easter weekend. We had a really great time visiting with the Easter bunny, going on an egg hunt, having Owen's face painted and going out to dinner for Easter. And Owen had the cutest Easter outfit from his Nana. I would have posted earlier about Easter, but all of my pictures have been saved onto Tim's computer which is still in Kentucky. Oh, and I also have pictures from his first haircut to post as well.

2. Owen's party! Is tomorrow! I can't believe that this party that I've been planning for two months now is finally here! I'm very excited and a little stressed about getting all the final details arranged. And I'm a little sad because I haven't gotten to do as many things as I wanted for the party, but oh well. I have had a few big things going on this month that have taken up my attention. And I couldn't really do anything in the hotel room. I will of course, have a birthday post to show you all the details next week.
3. You oughta be in pictures. I had Owen's professional photos taken yesterday and I am so excited about seeing them at some point. We had so much fun. Owen got to wear four different outfits and have photos taken inside and outside in various places. He did so well, though of course it was hard to keep him in one place for long. He also had a major crush on the photographer because he kept crawling up to her and trying to climb up into her lap and kiss her. It was pretty cute. And one of the best things was that I got to be in some of the pictures. Yay! I am never in pictures of Owen, so I'm excited that I finally will have some pics of me with the kiddo. Check out their blog here, and Owen might be featured on it soon!

4. House update. Things are still underway. Our loan officer said nothing is holding him back from moving forward, so hopefully we will be in a house sometime within the next month. In the meantime, I am daydreaming about paint colors and new furniture and hanging art on the walls.
Some Pinterest inspiration for a pretty entryway.

5. New clothes. I finally went shopping at Ann Taylor Loft with the giftcard that my inlaws got me for Christmas. I really wanted to get some stuff for spring and summer because last year I was still going through the post-baby body stage and I didn't buy a lot of stuff because I knew I wouldn't stay that size forever. So I waited until now to get some fun stuff for this year. I wound up buying two shirts and I still have a balance left on the giftcard. Here are the two shirts that I bought. Both are super pretty and feminine. I am also on the lookout for some cute dresses, but the ones at Loft looked better on the hangers than they did on me.

I wore this one for our photo shoot yesterday. I think it looked really soft and nice for pictures in a big white bed. Owen wore jeans and nothing else.
6. Bluum box. I recently got my second Bluum box in the mail. It is a monthly subscription service where I receive a box of five or six mom and baby products to try out. It is really fun to get stuff in the mail in general and the contents of the box are always a surprise until they are all mailed out. This month, the box included several beauty samples for me and a full size squeezie of Peter Rabbit Organic baby food for Owen. I really love getting these boxes, particularly when I am surprised with a full-size of a product. Last month, we got a really cute rattle for Owen and some other fun things. I'm not sure how long I will keep subscribing to Bluum because they mainly focus on infants, but I have seen other subscriptions for toddlers, so I might look into that.


  1. I might have to look into the Bluum Boxes...I like the idea of trying out new things. Do you get to keep the things you like?

  2. The Bluum boxes mainly give you samples and then you can link their site to buy full-size versions of the products if you like them. Occasionally, you get a full-size in the box. Also, you could check out Citrus Lane, which is another subcription service that sends you baby products.