Monday, June 25, 2012

Wittlebee review

  I received my first box of my two-month subscription to Wittlebee last week. In case you don't know, Wittlebee is a subscription clothing service for babies and young children size 0-5T where you receive eight (now six) items of clothing a month based on your child's size, style, and favorite colors and patterns. I ordered mine through a special deal on Plum District and was able to basically get two months for the price of one. Normally, the subscription costs $39.99 a month. When I first ordered this I couldn't figure out who would do this every month, but after shopping with an energetic toddler the other day, I'm beginning to realize how little shopping I'm going to be able to do at actual stores now. 
    When I filled out the questionnaire of Wittlebee's website during my sign-up process, I told them Owen's size and requested preppy and hipster style clothing. The other style options for boys are casual, sporty, and mix and match (whatever that is). You also get to tell them your favorite colors and graphics. I picked blue, green, and red. For graphics, I chose animals and stripes. 
     We received only six items of clothing in our original box. This was surprising because Wittlebee is supposed to send you eight items of clothing. A press release went out recently telling customers that they were going to be decreasing the number of items in the boxes for new customers starting July 1, but it shouldn't affect existing customers. I sent an e-mail to the company about this and they took forever to reply, so I called and couldn't get through to an operator and ended up having to leave a message. I posted about it on their Facebook page and they got back to me later that day. I have found recently that companies really keep up with comments on their Facebook pages, so if you ever have a problem with a company, I would recommend commenting on their Facebook page because they seem to reply to them really quickly. Wittlebee said they would send me ten pieces of clothing in my box in July. It seems to me that Wittlebee really wants to fix any problems as quick as they can, but they are a growing company and I think that causes them to get a little behind.
      In our box, we got four shirts, a pair of shorts, and a pair of casual, almost pajama-type pants. Brands in the shipment included TeddyBoom, American Apparel, and Carter's Kids Headquarters. I was a little surprised at some of the brands because they weren't exactly unique and high-end like many I had seen in other boxes. I was also a little disappointed because they seemed to send me a weird mix of types of clothing. Generally it seems like they are trying to give you a couple outfits, especially with the girl's clothing, but none of these things go together. Even the plain blue t-shirt and pants are different shades of blue and don't really go together. Also, they sent me some 18-24 month size things, which are way too big for Owen right now. I notified my "personal stylist" so hopefully we'll get more things that fit next month. I also requested no more skulls. 
    We'll see how I feel about the program after I receive my July box. Even though this is a service that is sort-of a splurge every month, I really like Wittlebee for the ease of receiving clothing in the mail. But as I have found out since having a boy, the cute clothing options for them are quite limited compared to all the cute clothing options for girls. When I see the clothes inside Wittlebee boxes for girls, I get all jealous because all the outfits match really well and are so cute. The boy stuff is still pretty basic. 
     If you're interested in trying out Wittlebee for your little one, you can use my link and receive a $10 discount off your first box. 

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