Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get a job...check!

So yesterday Tim officially accepted the job with the NRCS. His first day on the job will be Sept. 13 in Griffin, Ga. We’re still trying to figure out the logistics of when I should put in my resignation and when we should move and where and all that, but we feel beyond blessed right now. Tim has been trying to find a job in the engineering field for more than a year, so this is definitely an answered prayer. Some other things are seeming to work together as well at the moment so we can definitely see God’s hand in this. But we’ll talk more about that another time. 

Saturday we had planned to go to Griffin to look for somewhere to live, but my boss sent an e-mail out today saying that we would have to work this weekend. So Tim will probably go by himself. I have instructed him to take pictures of the places and keep notes on their features, price, etc. and that way we can narrow them down and I can go look at places with him another time. 

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