Monday, August 16, 2010

Menu Monday

Because I like to have a plan for what we have going on during the week, for the past several months I have been planning our dinners for the entire week before I go to the grocery store.
When I am planning meals, I get my recipe book and my latest Cooking Light magazine so I can skim through them at the dining room table. I also use my laptop so I can search for new recipes on some of my favorite sites like Eating Well and Real Simple.
Normally I plan out our meals on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Here is our menu for this week.
Monday night: Cumin-spiced chicken with chunky tomato sauce, black beans and rice, and fresh corn on the cob. This is a new recipe that I’ve never tried before. I found it on Cooking Light’s website.

Tuesday night: I generally work until 10 or 11 o’clock at night on Tuesdays so we actually eat dinner with my parents because their house is about 2 miles away from my office and I can get there really quick on my dinner breaks. Also, it pretty much makes my parents’ week to get to see us.
Wednesday night: Creamy shrimp with corn and bacon and a tossed salad. This is one of our favorite recipes. I found it in Real Simple magazine a couple of years ago. It is our version of comfort food.

Thursday night: Eating Well tacos with sautéed bell peppers and onions and fruit salad. I love Mexican food, but this recipe is supposedly a healthier version of your average taco. We’ll see….

Friday night: Lemon pepper shrimp scampi with sautéed fresh green beans. This is one of Tim’s favorite meals. He used to be really picky about eating, but since we’ve been married he has been a lot more adventurous. We eat shrimp at least once a week now. This recipe is from Cooking Light. 

Saturday night: Grilled pork tenderloin with spicy soy sauce, brown rice, and steamed broccoli. This is a new recipe from Eating Well’s website. I discovered the website recently and I really love their recipes because they’re healthy and tasty. 

Sunday night: Mango baked chicken, cous cous, and steamed broccoli. This is a recipe from Publix.

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