Sunday, August 22, 2010

This place

This is where my husband and I began dating—where he and I would flirt from afar as I sang in the choir loft. It is the place that kept us rooted during college. It is where we vowed to love and honor each other forever. It is the place where our relationships with Christ, both together and apart, have been strengthened.

And it is the place we will miss the most when we move.

We are both so grateful for the amazing time we’ve had at Watkinsville First Baptist Church. We truly feel like we are part of a family there. I have never been at a church like this before—where scripture is taught as the inspired word of God, where worship is passionate, and where people are authentic and welcoming. 

We have had so many older couples pour into us over and over—the Rattis, the Heards, the Freeses, and others... And Tim has had the guidance of several strong Christian men like college pastor Vic Doss, discipleship minister David Holt, and Sunday School teacher Lat Heard. Seeing Tim grow and mature in his walk has been so inspiring and I am forever grateful to these men for encouraging him regularly. They have helped him become a wonderful spiritual leader for our family.

We recently started a small group with some couples from our Sunday School class for newlyweds and we have had such a good time getting to know them better. I regret that we have to leave them behind. We will miss you Drakes, Hussains, and Williamses.

We will miss it all so much.

Bottom line, though, I trust God is sending us somewhere because He has big plans for us. Wherever we are sent, God is there.

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