Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hiking up Badger Mountain (4 weeks postpartum)

     On Saturday, April 30th we decided to hike Badger Mountain.  The mountain is just a few minutes away from our house, and has three different trails.  We hiked up the Canyon Trail which is 1.3 miles one way.
 At the top of the mountain.
 A little closer shot of the cuteness.
 Owen will definitely not remember this trip as he was asleep.
 A survey marker set in 1947 near the peak.
 The top of the trailhead looking out over the Tri-Cities.
 A view of the switchbacks
 Tim hiking down the trail.
 The old trail went straight up the final ascent
 A view of the Tri-Cities
 Checking on the little one
 Some of the wildflowers

 Flowers being pollinated

     It was a good hike that provided some much needed exercise for us.  This is a hike we'll do from time to time to get some exercise and enjoy the sun and the view!

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