Friday, May 27, 2011

Meeting Nana and Aunt Jenny

     Last week was a really exciting one for us because Tim's mom and sister were able to come visit us all the way from Georgia. It was the first time they got to see Owen in person. They flew in on a Wednesday evening and stayed through Sunday morning. We spent most of the time they were here hanging out around the house just letting them soak up some Owen time. We also took them to visit the Chukar Cherry store for some authentic Washington cherry treats and on a walk along the Columbia River. It was sad having to say goodbye at the airport, but we don't have long to miss them because we're going home to Georgia in two weeks! Then Owen will get to meet his Papa Rumely, his Uncle Joseph, and his soon-to-be Aunt Leah. He will get to see Grams and Grandpa Blomquist, who haven't seen him since he was a newborn. Also, he will meet many more of our friends and extended family. It is sure to be an exciting and fun time.
Owen was super excited to meet his Aunt Jenny. He'd been wondering about all these outfits he's been wearing that say "My Aunt Rocks!" Now he understands.
Owen showed Nana his kickboxing skills. And...right jab!
Nana seems to be getting the hang of this grandma thing pretty quickly.
Aunt Jenny put Owen down in the grass for his second time ever. He still isn't sure what to think about it.
This is Owen wearing one of the many outfits that Aunt Jenny brought for him. This kid is seriously spoiled by his aunt.
Aunt Jenny and Nana took lots of pictures of Owen to load onto Facebook. You'd think they liked showing him off or something.
Owen began smiling a lot more while they were here. Coincidence? I think not.

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