Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ode to the Moby Wrap

     Tim and I have spent the entire day trying to get Owen to take a nap. He was super tired, but completely inconsolable. We tried rocking him in various positions, but as soon as we stopped, his eyes would pop back open. We tried letting him cry it out in his crib for short periods of time, but caved in and went to get him after he screamed for more than 10 minutes. After trying everything that has typically worked for at least four hours, we were at a loss for what to do. Until Tim suggested we try out my Moby Wrap again. Now, I had tried the Moby Wrap shortly after Owen was born, but the super long piece of fabric (basically) and the seemingly complicated instruction manual were overwhelming and I gave up after my first time trying to wrap myself in the fabric and stuff my baby into the pocket created from wrapping the fabric around myself over and over. Since then, I have just used the Snugli because it's easier to snap him into place.
     But this time, Tim was here to help me figure it out and I was game for anything after dealing with a bawling infant all day. So we wrapped the Moby around me (it took about three tries to get it right) and laughed as we tried to stuff an angry baby into the "pocket" created. Five seconds after fighting me (and sleep) Owen was snoring away happily tucked against my chest. Success! A veritable baby straight jacket. Only more humane. How have I not used this more? With the wrap, I can cook dinner, fold laundry, and even blog all while snuggling with the little man. He has been sleeping soundly for just over an hour now. And a day of ear piercing shrieks and flailing limbs is all but forgotten. Moby Wrap, you are my new best friend. In honor of the Moby Wrap, I have composed a haiku:

Enveloped in cloth
My babe sleeps soundly at last
Heart against my heart

Take one angry, arm-flailing baby...
Add one crazy long piece of blue cloth...
...and get a calm, peacefully sleeping angel.
This is the face of a mother whose 8 week old is finally sleeping after four hours of crying.

And he's out!

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