Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making Faces

     Owen is now eating fruit and vegetable purees. I am having a really good time making his baby food and our favorite part is seeing the faces he makes when he eats something for the first time. I thought it would be amusing to show everyone Owen's "faces."
That Gala apple looks pretty tasty.
Hmm...not sure I can eat this without teeth, Mom.
Wow! This is sour!
What is this?
These are yummy!
So this is a pear...
First bite...
I'm not so sure about that one, Dad.
First time eating green peas.
Weird texture and delightful color. See?!?
I think I like them!

What is this strange yellow fruit?
Kind-of weird-tasting from the outside...
Can't wait to peel this open!
Eww... I take that back.
Re-peel that banana. I don't want it!
Please don't make me eat any more!

If I look at you with big, sad eyes will you stop feeding me bananas? (We did. And we have since fed him bananas mixed with sweet potatoes and he seems to like them better)
Anyway, our sweet boy is enjoying trying new foods (minus bananas) and we're enjoying seeing his funny first-taste faces.
This is the thing I use to freeze extra baby food that I make. These are pears and sweet potatoes.

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  1. I was gonna get you one of those for Christmas! I saw them online and thought of you. Oh well... guess I'll have to come up with another useful and insightful gift :) Love you!