Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Friday (on Thursday)

1. Leaving on a jet plane... Literally, I am getting on an airplane tomorrow headed for Georgia. I said goodbye to Washington and now Owen and I will be staying with my parents for at least a week until we can join Tim in Kentucky. I am so excited about seeing all our family so soon, but I hate that I'm leaving Tim to have to deal with everything in Washington and that I will be away from him for such a long time. 

2. You've got a friend in me. I said goodbye to my Washington friends yesterday. It was really sad because we just started hanging out right before Christmas last year and things have really clicked between us since then. And it is just so cute to watch our babies play together near each other. I have loved having people who I can ask mommy advice of and we've really bonded over the fact that we're all in the same place in life. When you move to a new place, it takes a long time to meet people and forge those friendships, so I hate that we're moving right when I've finally found some great friends. 

3. It's a smash! My new favorite show (other than Revenge) is Smash. It was a mid-season debut so it just started about three weeks ago. I DVRed the first two episodes and finally got around to watching them last weekend. It is such a fun show. It's about the creation of a new Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. The show stars the songwriting team (one of whom is played by Debra Messing), the bad-boy director, and the two actresses vying for the role of Marilyn. The show features some pop songs and also songs from the Marilyn musical. I really enjoy those ones the most, particularly the baseball number from the first episode. Glee may have originally helped musicals make it on TV, but Smash is completely different from that show. It's a lot more realistic (no bursting into song randomly while walking down the street) and really makes me reminisce about my old musical theater days in high school. 

4. And the planning begins... I have started planning Owen's Dr. Seuss birthday party. I know it's still almost two months away, but right now a lot of things are out of my control as far as the move goes and where we will live when we get to Kentucky. So instead, I plan his party because I can at least make some decisions about that. So far, we have the location, date and time, some decorations planned, and our invitations ordered. I am hoping to be able to make a few decorations while I'm in Georgia next week. Right now, I am planning to make some type of birthday wreath for the front door of the party venue. These are the two options that I like best: a balloon wreath and a ribbon wreath. Any thoughts? Which one do you like better?

5. This bites. So Tim and I watched the latest Twilight movie last weekend. I read the books a while back and have seen all the other movies, so I figured I needed to watch this one. It was really bad. Tim and I made fun of it the entire time. We joked about how the vampires change color so often, going from "they put flour on my face" pale to clown make-up white. We laughed at Kristen Stewart's terrible expressions during the wedding scene (she seriously looks so afraid of him). I almost died after the wedding night sex scene when you see that their passionate love-making was so intense that Edward apparently ripped paintings off the wall and eviscerated their feather pillows. Just like I'm glad that I was too old for Barney  as a little kid, I'm equally glad that I'm not a teenage girl during the Twilight craze.

6. Precious pictures. We are in the process of scheduling Owen's 1-year photos. We are going to be using Stylized Portraiture in Athens, Ga. They have taken photos of both of my cousins for their senior portraits and looking at their blog, they do fantastic work with babies too. I am so excited about having these photos done of Owen. I really want to capture all his cute baby-ness before he becomes a toddler. 

7. Owen's going to grow up to be a rockstar. Because he sure knows how to trash a room. Our landlord has been wanting to show our house a few times this week and trying to keep it clean and picked up while Owen is awake is near to impossible. See below.


  1. Thank you for another fun blog post! By now you're safely in Georgia... you'll be missed over here, and are welcome in our home anytime...

    Ps: Owen is sooooooo cute!