Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days: Days 15-21

    Because I was out of town and away from Tim for almost this entire week, completing my challenge each day has been a bit more of a challenge. It took a little extra planning before I left town, but it was definitely worth it. Tim missed me so much while I was gone that he came down the night before the day he planned on arriving and drive all night to get to my parent's house. It was such a wonderful surprise. And below I'll list the surprises I had for him throughout the week. 
  • Monday: I planned several surprise presents for Tim while I was out of town. I put them in boxes and labeled them with Post-It notes. Nothing fancy, no wrapping paper or anything, but he was still excited to have some surprises arranged for the week. On Monday, he opened a box of Keurig cups of Wolfgang Puck's Jamaica Me Crazy coffee.Tim and I went on our honeymoon to Jamaica and one of Tim's favorite things was the coffee. (Though we've never been able to find coffee that tasted as good as the kind we had at the resort.) 

  • Tuesday: I know that Tim was starting to miss us on our second full day away from each other so I made sure to film a video on my phone of Owen doing something adorable and send it to his phone. It was a video of Owen "tackling" a new stuffed animal that my aunt bought for him. 
  • Wednesday: While shopping at Belk the other day I passed by a rack of men's shirts that were 50 percent off. And I decided to just pick out a new shirt for him to wear to work. 
  • Thursday: When I am spending time with family and friends in Georgia, it's hard for me to find time to call Tim and talk to him, but I made sure that I set aside some time to call him on this evening. We talked for a good thirty minutes or so about what we'd been up to. Unbeknownst to me, Tim was busy doing laundry and packing to drive to Georgia early. 
  • Friday: My final surprise for Tim before we were back together again in Georgia was a CD that I made for him to listen to on his drive down. I downloaded the newest Mumford & Sons album and saved it to CD for him to have some new music to listen to. We had pretty much already gotten tired of the music we had for our last long road trip so I knew something new would really make him happy. 

  • Saturday: I know I did it before, but I let Tim sleep in late again. And because I was in the wedding, I didn't have much time to spend with him on Saturday. But because he was so tired from his week at work and from driving overnight, I let him sleep in while I got Owen fed and played with him before my hair appointment. 
  • Sunday: Tim started feeling sick on our drive home so when we arrived I took care of Owen and just let him rest and watch TV. I didn't do anything special, but I basically took over the parenting responsibilities for the evening so he could rest. And sometimes, just that little responsibility off his shoulders makes all the difference. 

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