Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days: Days 8-14

       My 31 Days of Loving Your Husband challenge is going really well. I can tell that it is making an impact on Tim and that he is feeling more appreciated and loved. And in turn his attitude after work is improving and he has even been going out of his way to show me that he loves me back. I think that it is helping our relationship to strengthen and we are really enjoying one another right now. The past week was a fun one and I am already working on this week's surprises. It's actually pretty hard this week because I am in Georgia and Tim is in Kentucky, but I'm making it work and being creative.

Monday: I am making a more concerted effort to be praying for Tim on a daily basis. I have this book that includes prayers for your spouse and I have enjoyed reading it since my aunt gave it to me on our wedding day. So now I am trying to be more intentional about praying for Tim. I've even written down some of my prayers in my prayer journal so that I have a list of basic prayers for his time at work, his relationship with God, his ability to avoid temptation, and more.
       It's hard to remember sometimes that the biggest thing you can do for your husband is to pray for him. It's so important to do.

Tuesday: Today I surprised Tim with a box of individual coffee creamers to take to work with him and use. He had mentioned that the coffee he drinks at work tastes horrible, so I filed that information away and decided that a pack of flavored creamers might make the work coffee a little tastier.
      Does your husband have a favorite treat? (In case you hadn't noticed, my husband loves coffee) Go buy whatever small treat your husband might love to receive and pack it with his lunch or put it in the front seat of his car for when he goes to work.
Wednesday: On Wednesday I surprised Tim with his favorite cookies - caramel-stuffed apple cider cookies. He really loves them and I know he enjoys taking them to work and sharing with his colleagues.
       The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Enough said.  

Thursday: Today I met Tim in the garage when he got home from work and told him to get in the car and that we were going out for dinner. We hardly ever go out to eat so I knew it would be fun to go out during the week and use a giftcard that we had.
      If you can arrange childcare (or not), plan a midweek date night for your husband. Enjoy sharing a meal together and talking.

Friday: Today during Owen's nap, instead of trying to pack or get one of my million to-dos taking care of, I instead decided to put Tim at the top of my priority list. I was about to leave and spend five days away from him so I needed to remember that getting the house picked up and doing other things weren't as important as spending time together before I left town. We ended up watching The Walking Dead and cuddling on the couch. It was such a nice relaxing time spent together and I'm really glad that I took the time to enjoy being with him.
       Set your do-to list down every once in a while and just spend time together. I bet if you were to look at your to-do list or list of priorities and no where on there would be "spend time with husband." Let the dishes and dusting wait.

Saturday: Today I tried to be really intentional in remembering to say thank you to Tim for everything he does for me and Owen. So I made sure to thank him for doing the dishes after breakfast and for taking us to the pumpkin patch. It can be easy for me to expect things of Tim without being appreciative and grateful for those things.
       Today try to be very intentional in your speech with your husband. Take the time to thank him for all he does and show him how much he is appreciated.

Sunday: Today I left for a week in Georgia for my cousin's wedding. I always hate leaving Tim for a week to fend for himself, so I made sure that the fridge was packed with meals for him to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while I'm gone. I didn't do anything particularly fancy - a frozen pizza, pasta sauce, hotdogs, a package of Kraft breadcrumbs and cheese that you bread chicken with, and some leftover shredded pork for sandwiches. I know that making sure he has something to eat when he is used to me cooking dinner every night means a lot to him.
      Even when you're busy with a million other things, taking the time to provide something for your husband to make his life easier will really make him feel special.
    It's not too late to begin your 31 Day Challenge. Join me in showing our husbands some love!

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  1. WOW, you are seriously so sweet! I LOVE LOVE this idea and I think after we move this weekend, I need to try this. I think Dustin would seriously be shocked if I took the time to really focus and show him how much I love him. I believe it's so easy to "forget" to make time for each other. You are a terrific and I'm sure Tim is so appreciative of this!