Monday, November 18, 2013

Love with Food review (and special holiday deal!)

I was recently given the opportunity to review foodie snack subscription box Love with Food. I received the October box to review and enjoyed trying out all the goodies that came inside. 
Just the facts, Ma'am:
About: Love with Food helps you discover new all-natural or organic snacks you will love. Each month, Love With Food members receive a curated box of unique, hard-to-find, snacks delivered to their doors. 
The Cost: $12 a month or $10 a month with an annual subscription; a new deluxe box option costs $19.99 a month. 
The Products: Eight more more unique snacks that are organic, all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, or free of artificial colors and flavors. The deluxe box includes 16-20 snacks. 
Extra: For every box purchased, a meal is donated to a hungry child in America.
Coupon: Use code FESTIVE2013 to receive $5 off your subscription (Valid through 12/1). And as an extra bonus, for every 6 or 12 month subscription purchased through December 1,  you will also receive a free two-year subscription to Rachael Ray Magazine
I already have a subscription to Rachael Ray Magazine. It is a fun read and I think this is a really great deal. This promotion is also valid for current subscribers who convert their subscription to a prepaid six or twelve month subscription. 

Each Love with Food box comes with an insert detailing the items included in that month's box. 

The October box was themed "Scary Delicious." It was the October box and instructed subscribers to keep an eye out for trick-or-treaters while enjoying their Love with Food box.

The little red box comes packed to the brim with snacks. 

Here's what came inside: 
  • Dang Toasted Coconut Chips: This was my favorite snack from the box. The coconut "chips" were crunchy and delicious. If I saw them in the grocery store, I would definitely pick up another bag. They were the perfect blend of slightly salty with sweet.
  • Silk City Snacks Chocolate Pizzele Crisps: These traditional Italian cookies were a pretty tasty snack. I shared them with Owen. They weren't super flavorful or chocolate-y, but a light crispy snack. But for only 100 calories a bag, I guess they aren't going to taste like an Oreo. 
  • New World Caveman Cookies from Caveman Bakery: I really liked these "cookies." They aren't the texture of a normal cookie and are instead super moist and chewy. They tasted like Thanksgiving in a cookie with pumpkin, cranberry, maple syrup, and nut flavors like pecans and almonds all mixed together. And only 70 calories per cookie. 
  • Blueberry Apple and Purple Carrot Happy Squeeze from Happy Family: We are very familiar with this brand as it was one of my favorites to buy for Owen when he was a baby and I didn't have time to make his food for him. Particularly when we were moving to Kentucky. I can't really get into eating these myself, but I think Owen will enjoy it. I will just have to squeeze it out into a bowl because I am a little nervous about all these pouch foods with all the news recently of recalls and spoiled food and finding gross things in them. There was also a coupon for $1 off two HappySqueeze pouches. 
  • Kind Snacks Kind Bar in Cranberry Almond: I have eaten these before and really like them. I am always in need of a quick snack, particularly since I don't really get a chance to sit down and eat during the day. They are made with nuts, fruits, honey, and other spices. One bar has just 110 calories. 
  • Vinaigerie Gingras Pixo Pearls: These are little "pearls" of apple cider vinegar. The company's website recommends including them in cocktails, barbecue sauce, salads, various appetizers and main dishes. I am a little apprehensive about trying them, but intrigued at the same time. 
  • Triple Berry Glee Gum from Verve, Inc.: I don't chew gum often, but Tim definitely does. I had a piece for the sake of this review and I liked the flavor and it lasted for a while, but I think I will give the rest to him. These are made with brown rice and cane sugar. A 15 percent off code was also included. 
  • Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candies: I am not a big hard candy person. I don't have the patience to suck on them and tend to chew them up. These are made from all natural fruit flavors. I got three pear and cinnamon flavored candies. The flavor is very good and taste almost exactly like eating a pear, not like what a created in a laboratory or factory version of what a pear tastes like. 
  • Lean Cuisine Meal Coupon: Good for one Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Entree worth up to $4.99. Selections include Pomegranate Chicken, Lemongrass Salmon, and Honey Citrus Chicken. All sound pretty tasty and I figure it would be nice to have a quick lunch available on crazy days. 
This box was received for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own. 

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