Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween recap

     We had such a great Halloween this year. Halloween is so much fun now that Owen is old enough to trick-or-treat. Owen was an astronaut this year. He is still too young to really care what he is dressed as and I thought this costume would be a fun one that he can use as dress-up clothes as well. It came in size 2T/3T so it should still  fit him for a while. 
      This year we also had a infant at Halloween, which was different. I didn't want to go crazy or anything so I kept Graham's costume simple and then a friend loaned us one of their old costumes for him as well. 
       We also tried to replicate a cute idea I saw on Pinterest with the boys. As usual, it was a big Pinterest fail. I dressed Owen in his University of Georgia football jersey and dressed Graham as a football. Owen lately refuses to even look at the camera when I try to take pictures of him, much less smile and he was in a particularly toddler-ish mood that afternoon. He didn't want to hold Graham, which made Graham cry. It was super fun. Darn you Pinterest! 
Lots of tears were involved in this particular photo shoot.

Daddy tried to help out. Owen smiled. Not for the camera. 

This is the best shot that we got. 

     The weekend before Halloween, we went trick-or-treating with some friends who also have sons very close in age to our boys. Owen quickly figured out the whole trick-or-treating business and turned into a hoarding candy monster with about six grabby little hands. He and his friend Noah had a fabulous time. And we had a great time watching him have so much fun. 
My very serious astronaut. 

Owen and Noah held hands for much of the night shouting "CAN-DY! CAN-DY!"

Graham didn't dress up, but instead wore Halloween pajamas and snoozed in the Moby Wrap.

Graham's other costume was this borrowed cat costume. It was a bit too big, but he looked pretty stinkin' cute. 



  1. Such a great costume idea! I'm glad you were able to go out trick o treating!

  2. Such a great costume idea! I'm glad you were able to go out trick o treating!

  3. Super cute! Bob particularly liked the football player/football combo.