Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trip to Georgia

     The week we have been waiting for for months has finally come and gone. We were able to go home to Georgia to visit family and friends and introduce Owen to everyone! We had such a wonderful, if busy and hectic week getting together with everyone. And Owen was the center of attention. I think he was beginning to wonder where Mommy and Daddy had gone since we barely held him the whole week. He had such a great time being loved on by everyone. Here are some photos from the week. I regret that we don't have pictures of him with everybody, but we promise to be more diligent about picture taking in the future.
Here is Owen with his Grandpa right before the big party for friends to drop in and meet the little man.
This is Aidan, my friend Haley's nephew. He was born almost a full year before Owen. He kept patting Owen saying, "Baby, baby, baby."

This is my mom's friend Dorann. She was so excited to hold him and her hands were moving so fast, the camera couldn't focus on them.

Haley's mom, Cathy, is an experienced grandma.

Mom provided some really good food for the party. I grazed on the buffet all day long.

Here is Haley with Owen. For some reason, he is out of focus.

My "older brother" Marcus was a baby-holding natural.
Owen slept on Mama Jane for most of the evening.

Owen tried to give Jodi the baby fever.

Owen with Daddy Mark.

When we stay with my mom, Owen wakes up early and hangs out with her while Tim and I get to sleep in late.

We took Owen to visit our friends Dane and Deb who welcomed their third child, a baby girl named Sage just a few days before we arrived.

Owen with sweet baby Sage. It's hard to believe that he was her size just 10 weeks earlier.

My cousin Johanna is a natural with babies. Doesn't Owen look relaxed?

Owen with his Great Aunt Twyla and my mom.
Another natural with babies, our friend Nick from our old church. Look at that big smile!

Owen with Matt and Stephanie.

Owen saying, "Where have you been Mommy? I thought you abandoned me."

With Great Aunt Barbara.

Hanging out with Grandpa.

With Daddy at Uncle Joseph's wedding. Owen was a pro and slept quietly through the whole ceremony.

Nana and Papa with Owen.

Owen got to dance with Uncle Joseph at the wedding.

Daddy is silly.

Doesn't Aunt Jenny look pretty?

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