Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cumberland Falls

    The weekend before last, my in-laws came into town to see our new house, spend time with us, and give us a hand with our projects around the house. They were lifesavers, I tell you. We wouldn't be anywhere near as close to finally finishing our cabinet makeover if they hadn't come here. And Tim would probably still be in the kitchen trying to figure out all the plumbing and wiring involved with putting in our new sink, faucet, and garbage disposal. While Tim and his dad worked on plumbing in the kitchen, I was able to finish sanding all the cabinet doors and drawers and wipe them down so they would be ready to be primed. Tim's mom kept an eye on Owen all day. The next day, we did some more sanding and playing and lawn mowing. In fact, because we don't have a riding lawn mower, Tim was using our tiny electric push mower on our new gigantic lawn. It was a pathetic sight. We hadn't met any of our neighbors yet, but as Tim was mowing, the neighbor across the street drove his mower over and handed him the keys and just asked that he return it in a couple hours. So yay, we have at least one set of nice neighbors! (And actually, another neighbor came over yesterday and brought cookies. She has three-year-old and a two-month-old girls and seemed really nice). And just in case you thought we worked too hard, we finished off the weekend with a trip to Cumberland Falls (the Niagara of the South), about an hour and a half south of us. It was really great to be able to explore around our new home and get to know the area a little better. Here are some photos from that trip.


  1. Hooray for Pictures!

  2. I love the pictures of Owen holding onto Tim! So Cute!