Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bridal shower recap

    My mom and I held my cousin Johanna's wedding shower on Sunday and I think it went really well. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and activities and Johanna received some really nice gifts. I was really happy to see my vision for the shower come together and my country theme with mason jars turned out really cute. Here are some photos of the shower.

In the entryway, I placed these mason jars so that guests could write down marriage advice for the bride-to-be and put them into a "Love Advice Jar." 

I had a recipe box on the entry table as well for guests to drop off their filled out recipe cards that I included in their invitations.

I made three mason jar banners which were tied together with jute. Super cute, right? Banners are so fun.

We decided to forgo paper plates and plastic forks for mismatched antique china and silverware (in mason jars). We rented them from the momma of the bride of the wedding we went to in August. She bought a ton of plates to use for the wedding and now rents them out for events.

Guests drank tea and raspberry lemonade from small canning jars. 

I bought the pink and white striped straws on BHLDN. All the daisy lids were leftover from my wedding. 

For the table, we used a floral tablecloth and I ran two strips of burlap down it to add to the country feel. Then I decorated with mason jars. The little bride and groom birds were from my wedding. 

I put an assortment of mason jars on a cake stand to add some height to the table. This one I filled with various things from a package of scrapbooking decorations and added a ribbon and tag.

I made this jar into a vase and wrapped it with jute and ribbon. Thank you Pinterest.

This jar I filled with fake pearls and a tag that says Mr. and Mrs. Then I added a bow made from ribbon and jute and another tag. 

I turned this jar upside down and used it like a snowglobe of sorts with a photo of the couple and crinkly brown paper. 

More mason jar vases in the living room. One I had Tim spraypaint pink and the other I wrapped with jute and ribbon again.

More flowers. Floating pearls and a mason jar-shaped tag.

My mom made some of the food and the rest was made by the woman who catered my wedding. Her food is delicious!

We had chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, mini cheeseballs, crackers with spinach artichoke dip, and assorted fruit on this end of the table.

And mini ham sandwiches, marinated veggie k-bobs, chocolate shooters, and lemon blossom cakes on this end.

Johanna, opening one of her gifts from us. P.S. It's a dutch oven and I'm jealous.

More presents. We also played a game where you ask people if they have certain items in their purses. It was really fun. My cousin Ethan's girlfriend won.

Johanna's soon-to-be sister in law Anna was in charge of making her "bouquet" from the  bows and ribbons on the packages.

For party favors, I made raspberry butter and put it in little jelly jars. The jars are so little and cute!

Then I added a tag tied on with jute. Actually, my friend Haley came over the day before and helped me tie all these on and watch Owen while I made four batches of raspberry butter. 

Delicious and super easy. Just soften a pound of butter and then mix in a container of raspberries and a little bit of confectioners sugar. I mixed mine in my KitchenAid mixer using the dough hook attachment because it doesn't destroy the berries, but breaks them up really beautifully. 

    I found all my mason jar tags for free online here. Invitations, recipe cards, thank you cards, etc. were bought on Etsy from this seller. Straws and napkins were purchased here. I bought most of the mason jars at Kroger. Crafts supplies (jute, ribbon, etc.) were bought at Michael's. The china plates were rented from a family friend's mom. The recipe box was purchased at Hallmark and the recipe cards don't match exactly, but they do look pretty cute in there. If you have any questions or want sources for anything else, leave me a comment. 


  1. Everything looks beautiful! Love how all the jars look together, and the raspberry butter pictures are gorgeous. :) -Hay

  2. Wow, you really did an amazing job! What a sweet, wonderful shower!

  3. The shower turned out great! I love all of the details and that butter looks so yummy!!!