Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Julep review (ft. September Trina Turk collection)

  I finally received my September Julep Maven box yesterday and I am so excited about the colors. I bought the entire nail wardrobe this month because they offered a special deal where I could add the additional colors to my box for a discounted price. The colors in the boxes this month were created in a collaboration with fashion designer Trina Turk

      The colors compliment Trina Turk's fall line of clothing, "Modernist Maverick," based on the German Bauhaus art movement. An insert in the box described the line: "For her fall collection, designer Trina Turk was inspired by the German Bauhaus movement and the colors, shapes, and life of avant-garde artist Sonia Delanay (the red color is named after her). Trina created and named each shade in our September Maven lineup after a trailblazing female Bauhaus artist who used that color in her work." The colors are all very modern and saturated and lovely. And they only need one or two coats for an opaque finish.

      Once again, the packaging of my products was top notch. The nail polishes all arrived wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside black and white polka-dotted paper bags all nestled in green crinkly paper. The box came with an insert describing the theme of the month, a quote from designer Yves Saint Laurent, and even a fridge magnet featuring a fashion design sketch from Trina Turk. 

     The products that came in my box were:
  • Eileen nail polish - antique bright white creme. This color is a really perfect white color for nail art or maybe a French manicures. I'm not sure I would wear it solely by itself because it's a little bit bright and doesn't have any shimmer to it to make it a little more muted. It didn't apply as easily as some of the others. 
  • Hoch nail polish - mod emerald green creme. I really love this darker green color. It is such a lovely fall color. It applied a little streaky and not as creamy as some of the others. 

  • Gunta nail polish - elevated royal blue creme. This is one of my favorite colors from this box. The blue color is so saturated and beautiful. Don't mind the bleedy edges around my cuticles in the swatch photo. 
  • Popova nail polish - youthful kelly green creme. This polish was one of the easiest to apply and also one of the most pretty colors. Green is my favorite color and I can't wait to wear a full manicure of this.

  • Sophie nail polish - chic truffle mushroom creme. I really like this color in a weird way. It's not a color that I would ever pick out for myself from a store, but I think it is a really neat neutral color. 
  • Brandt nail polish - opaque off-black creme. This is probably my least favorite color of the entire set. I am not a black nail polish wearer, but I figure I can use it for nail art. Maybe I will do a University of Georgia Bulldog manicure this fall for football season.

  • Annie nail polish - electric blue topaz creme. This is another color that really wowed me this month. It is such a beautiful color and I think it can be one that I wear all year round, fall and winter through summer. 
  • Alma nail polish - retro dijon yellow creme. I am a little disappointed with this color. I was excited to have a yellow polish, but this one does not look as bright yellow as the swatches online. It is a little more limey-green than I expected it to be and not so much dijon mustard colored. It doesn't really show in the swatch photo. 

  • Otte nail polish - rich camel neutral creme. I also really like this neutral tan color. It applies really well too. And again, it's not a color that I would normally pick out for myself. 
  • Delaunay nail polish - chili pepper red creme. This red color is fantastic. I don't have any true reds from Julep and this one is truly lovely. It is very bright and saturated.

  • American Beauty Volumizing Mascara in Jet Black - Lash growth enhancement ingredients and micro-fiber applicator separates, conditions, and plumps individual lashes for a thick and gorgeous finish.
  • Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara in Expresso Brown - Lash growth enhancement ingredients and micro-fiber applicator separates, lengthens, and conditions individual lashes to lock in moisture and protect from breakage.

     Are you loving these colors? Want to join in the fun of receiving nail polish and other beauty products in the mail each month? Joining the Julep Maven program is the best (and cheapest) way to buy Julep products because you get discounts on everything and access to colors before everyone else! Plus, you can join now for just a penny (see the code below). Here are some others benefits of the Julep Maven program. 

  • $40-$60 worth of nail products delivered to your door each month for only $19.99.
  • You get to preview the colors you will receive each month.
  • You can skip receiving a box if nail polish isn't in your budget for the month or you dislike all the colors. 
  • You can switch to one of four other styles if you like them better.
  • You can choose to send your box to a friend.
  • Free shipping.
  • 20 percent off your purchases on julep.com.
  • You can earn a free month by referring two friends to the program using your referral link. (Mine is below and I'd be so happy if you used it!)
  • You can cancel at anytime simply by giving Julep a call.

     Sound good? Then fill out a style quiz HERE so Julep can tailor your boxes to your personal style and use the code COLOR2012 or PENNY to receive your introductory box for just a $0.01. Or you can use the code 2FREE to get your introductory box for $19.99 and receive an additional two polishes in your box (for a total of four polishes and a nail product or five polishes.)

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  1. LOVE the review and swatches :) I am still waiting for my golden box.