Monday, September 3, 2012

Mani Monday

   I am linking up with my sister-in-law Leah over at Recipe for Love for Mani Monday again this week. This week I tried a nail polish technique called "The Jelly Sandwich." It's also sometimes called a glitter sandwich. You can see the instructions I followed HERE
      The technique is super easy though. Just apply a base coat and then follow with a coat of a jelly polish. I had to do a little more research online to figure out what a jelly polish is and luckily the gals on the Julep Facebook page are all really nice and helpful and gave me the names of several Julep polishes that would qualify. A jelly polish is kind-of sheer and has a jelly-like consistency and literally looks a bit like jelly when you apply it to your nail. Then you apply one or two coats of a glitter polish and allow that to dry before painting another coat of the jelly polish. Then you follow with a topcoat for shine. Basically, you are "sandwiching" the glitter between layers of the jelly polish. 

      For my manicure, I used Julep's Lily, which is described as a hot sizzling fuchsia creme. (I was also told that Julep's Lauren and Natasha are also good jellies.) I didn't have any polish with larger pieces of glitter so I went to Walgreens to buy a cheap polish that I thought would match Lily. I ended up buying Wet n Wild's polish called Take the Stage, which is a clear polish filled with tons of tiny fuchsia glitter and larger silver pieces of glitter. 

     I really love the final look of this technique. I think it would look even better if I had more large particles of glitter . And I think it would also look really cute with holiday-shaped glitter (like Julep's America stars polish for Fourth of July or hearts for Valentine's Day). 

     Anyway, I have no new pedicure to show you because my toes are still rocking Julep's Megan polish from last week. I am waiting on my new Julep polishes to arrive before redoing my pedicure. Crossing my fingers that they come either tomorrow or Wednesday!
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