Monday, July 15, 2013

Montana family trip recap

       We spent three full days in Montana the week before last for a family reunion in honor of Tim's grandfather who passed away last fall. We flew there with his dad and mom and sister Jenny and had a really great time hanging out with extended family, exploring the area, and we even revisited the place where Tim proposed to me. 

Owen really enjoyed playing with toys at his great-grandmother's house, particularly these tractors. He also had a great time with his second cousins Mark and Sean. We don't have any young relatives nearby so it was fun to watch him spend time with them and interact. Of course, everything they did was super cool and required imitation. 

Playing Grandma's piano was also pretty fun. 

This was Owen's first time meeting his great-grandma. 

Owen was really great during the memorial portion of the trip. After the group sang "For the Beauty of the Earth," Owen looked around at everyone and said, "That was a good song. Thank you. Now let's sing Old MacDonald." I think his great-grandfather would have gotten a kick out of that. He enjoyed picking up rocks when we went to scatter Bapoo's ashes and held Papa's hand while they walked. 

On our last full day in Montana, we made the trip to Fairy Lake where Tim proposed to me nearly five years before. 

It was so sweet to be able to take Owen there. 

Almost five years ago exactly, Tim proposed in this exact spot. 

In particular, Owen enjoyed throwing rocks into the lake. 

Just as beautiful as I remembered it.

And lastly, here are some photos of the scenery in Montana. It really is one of the most beautiful states I've ever visited. 

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  1. Beautiful! We've always loved visiting that part of Montana too, the moutains and views are incredible! You look amazing too by the way.