Monday, July 22, 2013

Bump update: 34 Weeks

       This week according to my app, the baby is the size of a cantaloupe at approximately 4 pounds 12 ounces and almost 18 inches long. His fat layers are filling him out and making him rounder. 
        I am definitely getting to the awkward stage of pregnancy where you are constantly uncomfortable and clumsy. I am frequently tripping over things because I can't see the floor any more and my balance is off. My back and feet hurt most days. I took my wedding and engagement rings off the other night to make hamburgers and I have not been able to put them back on. This makes me really sad. I had to take my wedding band (which fits a little smaller) off when I was pregnant with Owen, but my engagement ring fit well the whole time. I guess that's the difference between being pregnant in the winter and the summer. 
       I am supposed to be doing kick counts now to check baby's movement, but I don't really bother since I feel him move so often lately. The coolest part is that he seems to be in a different position from the one Owen must have been in during the end of my last pregnancy because I can feel this baby even better. I can even sometimes pick out specific body parts as he rolls and stretches in there. I love being able to feel his little feet pressing against the top of my abdomen. I never could with Owen. His seemed constantly pressed up under my ribs. This baby moves tons at night and also gets the hiccups a lot then too. 
      We have been working on getting things ready for the baby. We have moved furniture around in the nursery to accommodate our guest bedroom which we moved out of the guest room since we are turning that into Owen's room. Still a lot of work needs to be done in there. The baby's room is more cramped, but still cozy and he won't be sleeping in there for a while anyway. I got out all of Owen's old baby clothes and washed a lot of the smaller ones. He still has almost an entire plastic tote worth of 0-6 months size clothing that I didn't get out because his closet is currently pretty full since Owen's stuff is still in the closet in the nursery until we move him completely out of there. I went shopping at Target and picked up some things we still needed so we are pretty close to set. I have purchased and prepped about twelve cloth diapers for the baby and hope to get a few more that will fit him better than the one-size diapers I have been using for Owen. I am still loving using cloth and am excited to use them with the new baby as well. We plan to use disposables for a few weeks though until we get more settled. But so far, the extra laundry hasn't bothered my much. 
        In the next few weeks I am planning to start freezing meals for after the baby is born and get my hospital bag packed. I will write posts about those things when I do them. 
        We had a doctor's appointment on Friday and everything looked fine. We will have another in two weeks at which point I talked the doctor into giving me an ultrasound to check the size of the baby since Owen was so large. She doesn't seem worried about me not being able to deliver a large baby again, so I think she is just being nice to let me have another ultrasound. 

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  1. You are looking so good! I can't believe that 6 weeks more or less you will have a sweet little baby boy! Where has your pregnancy gone? I feel likes yours is going so much faster than mine. I hear you on the swelling, my wedding ring and band are now off too. I made it almost to delivery with them on with Aiden, not this time! Also, I went to a chiropractor for help with my back/hip pain and oh my goodness, it made such a huge difference! I have to make sure I don't sit for too long or else my muscles get stiff, but I'm feeling much better now!