Friday, July 26, 2013

Fluff Fairy review (July box)

     The Fluff Fairy is a new mystery cloth diaper and accessories package offered by the online cloth diapering shop Kelly's Closet. I am still gathering cloth diapers and supplies to make our switch to cloth diapering for the boys (so crazy to say boys plural and to think I will have two sons next month!). I love surprise mail and I also loved that I was truly surprised with what was inside because it was difficult to accidentally run across spoilers online since its such a new thing and because I live relatively close to where they ship from. 
       The July Fluff Fairy package cost $26.99 (price will vary monthly) and was promised to include one name brand cloth diaper and 1-3 cloth diaper related samples and accessories. You can customize your box by selecting between girl, boy, and gender neutral options and can enter special instructions like what type of closure you like (though it would depend on what options are available for the diaper of that month based on what the supplier gives them). The box shipped quickly and mine took only two days to arrive at my house in Kentucky from their shop in Maine. This month, the package arrived in a gray plastic mailer. Inside, the products were wrapped in turquoise tissue with a Fluff Fairy sticker. And yes, there was glitter. 
        I received the gender neutral box this month and specified that I preferred snaps versus aplix. 
        Here's what came inside my July package:
  • Softbums Omni Shell and Large Dry Touch Pad ($26.90): This diaper is a one-size shell that can be stuffed like a pocket diaper or used as a cover. You can also snap in your inserts and lay them on top like a hybrid diaper. These diapers use an innovative Slide2Size adjusting toggle to tighten or loosen the leg holes of the diaper to create a custom fit. Softbums are made in the United States. I already have a Softbums Echo and have been wanting more shells to go with some bamboo inserts that I bought. It's like Kelly's Closet read my mind! 

     The diaper that I received in the neutral box came in the Yellow Alien print. It's pretty darn cute and Owen already loves it. I am happy with the snaps, but I kind-of like Aplix on Softbums diapers better. We'll see. I think I prefer my Echo style Softbums diaper a little more than the Omni because it seems trimmer, especially between the legs. Though the ability to stuff this one like a pocket is also great. I'll have to use it a bit more to really decide how I feel about it. I have a friend who has a girl and got a brown diaper and wasn't too happy about it, so it definitely was a lottery to see who got the more desirable colors. Other colors I have seen are various blues and greens and even one black and white safari print (jealous!). 

  • Softbums wipe (not available for sale):  The print I received was kind-of boyish, but I have a boy so I was happy with it. This wipe is really cute and super soft. I would definitely buy more if they were available for purchase right now. I have only seen two prints of this wipe, this one and a girly tea party patterned wipe. 
  • RLR Laundry Treatment ($2.25):  RLR Laundry Treatment can be used to strip diapers and whiten dingy diapers. If your diapers smell funky or like ammonia, or if they are looking yellow or gray, you can use RLR as needed to freshen the diapers and take out the dinginess. Because I have a HE washer, this packet will allow me to strip my diapers twice since I'll only use half a packet each time. I have heard really good stuff about RLR so I'm excited to have this to try whenever I need it. 

  •  CJ's Butter ($1.50): CJ's Butter is an all natural, cloth diaper friendly ointment. It can be used for diaper rash, eczema, dry skin, chapped lips, and other skin irritations. They still recommend using a liner though to reduce build-up on diapers. I received the Blueberry Crumble scent and I'm really happy to have another one of these samples to throw in my diaper bag or stash some other place for when I need it. 
      I came up with a total retail value of at least $30.65 for the items in this box, not including the price of the wipe since it's not for sale yet. This is a good value for the box since I basically paid for the diaper and everything else was free. I am happy with the Fluff Fairy and look forward to trying out my diaper more and the other products. 
      Here are more details about the Fluff Fairy in case you missed out this month:

  • The price of the "Fluff Fairy" packages will vary each month based on the diaper and accessories included. 
  • Each Fluff Fairy package will include one complete diaper (AIO, pocket, cover with insert) and 1-3 samples or accessories like detergent samples, wipes, wipes bits, lotion, diaper creams, and cloth diaper advocacy gear.
  • This is NOT a subscription program where you will be automatically charged each month. You get to decide which boxes you want to receive and purchase them (or not) each month. 
  • Kelly's Closet will release hints for each month's box to help you decide whether to purchase a box that month.
  • You will have the ability to personalize your Fluff Fairy package by selecting boy, girl, or gender neutral colors and closure (when applicable). 
  • You will earn Diaper Dollar reward points when purchasing a Fluff Fairy package. 
  • Fluff Fairy packages may not be combined with any coupons or special promotions. They also cannot be exchanged or returned. 
       To visit Kelly's Closet, click HERE. The August Fluff Fairy is not currently available.  Check the Kelly's Closet Facebook page for when the August box is made available. It will probably be sometime in early to mid-August and it will most likely sell out fast. The July package sold out in 2.5 days. Also, if you're a cloth diaper mama, check out my giveaway for a set of Woolzies dryer balls HERE. The giveaway runs through August 8. 
        Did you get a visit from the Fluff Fairy? What did you get and were you happy with the surprise?


  1. Oh, you got a SoftBums, what fun! I still haven't tried this brand yet.

  2. I've never even considered SoftBums. I'll have to look in to them! How do you like the snaps now that you've had this dipe for a while? I'm usually a fan of snaps, so I'm interested to know your thoughts. :)