Thursday, November 18, 2010

The long-awaited appointment

     We have a secret….

     Our anatomy screening appointment went really great. The baby is actually measuring at 20 weeks, versus the 18w3d it was supposed to be. The doctor is not changing my due date though because starting in the second trimester, babies start growing at different rates. The sonographer said the baby weighs about 12 ounces (almost twice what the baby books say for this time). The heartbeat was around 150 beats per minute.

     Here's a somewhat blurry picture of the baby's precious face and round tummy.

     Here are basically all the details from the scan:

     We saw the baby’s little spine quite a bit. The baby stayed in pretty much the same position the whole time with its back up and its head curled underneath it, hiding its face.

     We did get a quick peek between the baby’s legs to see if it was a boy or a girl, but after that the baby kept those legs together tight. We were so excited to finally know the baby's sex, that we went to Target after the scan and bought one of these sets of onesies. You'll have to wait until next week to find out whether we bought blue or pink!

The heart looks great from the views she was able to get, though it was tough because with the way the baby was positioned, she had to look through my abdomen, through the uterus, through the placenta, and through the baby’s back to see the heart.

     We saw the baby’s teeny tiny stomach and the kidneys. She even said the baby’s stomach and bladder were full.

     We saw all the limbs and checked to make sure all the bones looked good, which they did. We even saw its little hands and feet.

     She examined the baby’s head/brain/skull and tried over and over to get a good shot of its face. It turned towards the screen briefly once and she took a picture but not a good enough one.

     So…because Baby Rumely is either very stubborn or just wants to see mommy and daddy again, we have to return for another ultrasound in two weeks so we can get a good shot of the baby’s face. I am so not complaining. I just saw the baby two days ago and I already want another peek!

     Sadly, the sonographer only gave us three pictures from the scan, one of its face and two of its feet. We also were not allowed to videotape the sonogram (due to HIPAA rules or something like that). Either way, I thought it was pretty lame and I’m disappointed we don’t have more to show our parents and siblings next week.

     We have a gender reveal dinner planned for next Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) to tell our parents and siblings. We’ve planned a fun way to reveal the news. I can’t wait!!! We will tell our extended family on Thanksgiving and then I will put the news on the blog.

     It’s been pretty hard not to slip up and spill the beans when we’re talking on the phone to family and friends, but so far Tim and I have kept our lips sealed.

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