Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our little blessing at 24 weeks

Merry Christmas to everyone! We've had a wonderful time with family and friends this last week. And we're one week closer to meeting our little man!

How far along? 24 weeks

Baby’s size? The baby is about the length of an ear of corn (almost a foot long and about a pound and a half!).  Much of that weight comes from accumulating baby fat, as well as from growing organs, bones, and muscle. Those little ears of his are getting sharper and can hear very loud sounds, from a yapping dog to a jackhammer. Also by now, that fabulous face is almost fully formed, complete with eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. Is your baby a brunette, a blonde, or a redhead? Actually, right now his locks are white since there's no pigment yet.

Maternity clothes? I'm pretty much wearing solely maternity clothes. And with us about to move, I'm only going to pack maternity clothes because the regular clothes won't fit long enough for me to bother packing them for however long we're going to be staying in a hotel. 
Sleep? Sleep is fine. I'm sleeping pretty deeply for the most part, though getting comfortable takes some effort, especially since during the holidays we're sleeping in bed different from our own in one way or another. 

Food cravings? I'm still craving big tall glasses of ice cold milk. Otherwise, I'm just enjoying Christmas goodies with little to no guilt over calories (without going overboard, of course).

Food aversions?  None.

Symptoms? Not much. I get out of breath a little easier than normal. I've also been a little more tired. 

Best moment this week? Celebrating Christmas with our families before the move. Baby Rumely got several presents despite still being a fetus. :) Also, Dad finally felt the baby move on Christmas Day so that was exciting. It's also amazing knowing that next Christmas we'll have a sweet 8-month-old baby!

Movement? I feel a good amount of movement throughout the day and night. Only Tim, my mom, and my dad have been able to feel him from the outside so far, but he seems to be getting stronger. 

What I miss about not being pregnant? Nothing really this week. I got a lot of cute maternity clothes for Christmas so I'm not missing not being able to fit into "regular people clothes."

What am I looking forward to? Feeling him moving a lot more. And I can't wait until we find a place to live in Washington so that we can set up the nursery. It will feel so real when we have the room ready for him to come home to!

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