Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Showered with love

     Our big shower was this past weekend. My aunt and my cousin got together with a few others to throw me a shower before we move across the country in January. And Tim and I are so overwhelmed with the love people showed to our baby boy and us. It was so wonderful!
     We had a lot more guests attend than I thought would considering the last minuteness of the shower and Christmas coming up. Everyone there blessed us so much! I was so surprised by the enormous mountain of presents and that the guests could hardly fit into one room with me while I opened gifts for what seemed like hours.
     Here are some pictures:
This is one of the diaper cakes that my cousin Johanna made me. You can see the other UGA-themed one in the background. I think Johanna could have a career in diaper cake making if she wanted. They were so cute. 
A friend also made me a diaper cake, topped with Peepee Teepees, but I don't have a picture on my camera. 
Here is a picture of the beautifully wrapped presents on the gift table. Surprisingly, this was before most of the guests had even arrived! As the first grandchild on both sides of the family, this little boy is going to be spoiled with love!
This is the super yummy cake that my MIL ordered. Sadly, none of it made it home with me, but the piece I had at the shower was delicious.
We were set to play a few games before opening presents, but because there were so many gifts, we only got to play one before I started unwrapping. Guests had to try and guess the circumference of my pregnant tummy using crepe paper. My church friend Brennen was right on the dot when she guessed. My BIL's fiancee came in second with a very close guess as well. 
We received so many great gifts. I won't put a million pictures on here, but I'll try to summarize some of our gifts. We received our changing pad, baby monitor, lots of diapers, lots of cute clothes including blue jean overalls and some really preppy rompers, our baby bath tub, bottles, a breast pump, stuffed animals and toys, an infant seat, our baby bedding, our stroller and carseat thanks to my inlaws, Diaper Genie, bath stuff, and so many other little things off of our registry. 

I had a blast! But I was also so tired and hot when I finished opening all these gifts. Haha! I am so grateful to everyone for the shower and the gifts. I was really sad when I found out we were moving because I was afraid I wouldn't get the experience of having a baby shower. This was such a wonderful surprise.  

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