Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big news!

     First there was Georgia. Then Washington. And now it's official... we're moving to Kentucky!

    Richmond, Kentucky, to be exact.

As of Tuesday, Tim officially accepted a new job in Kentucky. He will be working for the same company in a very similar position, but we will be so much closer to our parents. Instead of flying all day to get to them and spending oodles on plane tickets, we'll only have to make a six and a half hour drive to visit. Yay!
We couldn't be happier. After a lot of prayer and conversations and trying to figure out where we wanted to be for the next five or so years, it feels like this is the exact right place for us. The way the Lord worked it out and prepared the entire thing was such a blessing. Tim wasn't even very confident he would get the job after his interview. But like the name of our blog suggests, we have always trusted God's plan for our family. And whenever we have waited for His provision or trusted in his prodding, our lives have been so much better than we could have imagined. 
Tim has also worked really hard to try to get us closer to our parents. And if it weren't for his work ethic and personality, I don't think he would have gotten this job either. He's amazing. And I can tell you honestly, I would follow this man anywhere. He could get a job anywhere from Kentucky to Cairo and I would be there. But Kentucky is better...
I am so happy that Owen will be able to get to know his grandparents and aunts and uncle better. Our extended family is so important to us and we are both so happy that we will get to see them all more often.
So stayed tuned to see what's in store for us. 


  1. I'm very very very happy for you guys! I hope this means you can think about taking little man to Disney World soon too! ;) Love you all!