Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Friday

    Here are my random thoughts, ideas, pictures and more from this past week. We are busy this weekend getting everything ready for the move because Tim starts his job in Kentucky in just two and a half weeks! Eeep! Pray for us! 

1. Owen coughs. My child has now out of the blue learned how to cough for attention. He will make these little "cough, cough" noises and then smile really big. It is hilarious. Most of the time, they're not even very convincing. And sometimes he makes himself really cough by fake coughing.  

2. Double the cuteness. Owen sleeping is one of the most adorable sights in my world. I just love sneaking into his room after he's fallen asleep just to look at him. The other day Tim was putting Owen down for his nap and it had been a while, so I peeked into the room to check to see his progress. This is what I saw. Aw....
3. Happy birthday to you. Owen's first birthday isn't for another month and a half, but I have already started planning. I am so excited. We have decided to have his party in Georgia where his grandparents live so that a lot of family can attend. And because by that time, we will be living in Kentucky where we don't know anyone. His party will be on April 14 and it is Dr. Seuss-themed. It is such a fun and colorful theme and I have found so many great ideas on Pinterest. And Owen loves when I read Dr. Seuss to him. I think it's all the rhyming and the colorful pages. "The Lorax" is his favorite. 
4. Tasty Thursday. In case you didn't notice, there was no Tasty Thursday yesterday. This is because we are moving in just a short time and instead of trying a whole lot of new recipes, we will be eating a lot of the stuff that I have frozen and trying to use up what is in our cabinets. Sorry if you enjoy that post, but rest assured, in a month or so when I have a kitchen again, it will return.

5. Baby, you should be in pictures. My baby is growing up so fast. I can't believe that he is almost one year old! I really want to have professional photos taken of him soon so I've been doing some research into some photographers. And there are tons of ideas on Pinterest for first birthday photos. Though part of me wants them to be a little less themed and not just have pictures of him with cake and balloons and stuff. Haven't decided yet.
6. I'm a winner! Let me start this by saying I never win anything. So imagine my surprise when I get an e-mail from Seventh Generation saying that I won a green laundry kit through the Lorax Generation Sweepstakes. Yay! I love Seventh Generation products. But cue my disappointment when I look down at the bottom of my e-mail to see "Look for your laundry kit to arrive in 6-8 weeks." Sad. Well, I hope my landlord likes doing laundry. 
7. Movin' out. So as many of you know, we are moving really soon. I have already made a moving checklist and added a moving tab in our home management binder for keeping track of everything we need during the move. I've already cancelled our doctor's appointments and I am picking up Owen's birth certificate and copies of his medical records to give his next pediatrician. There are 19 "to-dos" on the list. And we have a very short amount of time to get it all done, so I may neglect the blog for a little while in the meantime. But rest assured, I will be back at some point. 

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