Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hurricane Owen

     A meteorological phenomenon that we call Hurricane Owen blows through our home every day. This hurricane is capable of turning a perfectly clean and organized home into a destruction zone in a matter of minutes, leaving a scattering of Cheerios in its wake. The other night after cleaning the entire main area of the house, I decided to follow Owen around the house and document his mischievous antics as he got into anything and everything. And quickly undid all my efforts at keeping the house picked up. Check it out. 
First I start at the coffee table where I play my favorite game: throw all the coasters on the floor.
Haha Suckers!
Then I play with the silver remote. Because I know that that one is the real one and you can't fool me by trying to get me to play with the other one.
Then I set up the DVR to tape the Local News at 5. (Also, don't judge Mommy by the other stuff she DVRs)
Then I head over to the Tupperware cabinet to reorganize it for the billionth time. Somebody keeps restacking my containers! Ugh!
I prefer them strewn across the floor.
Now it is time for a little light reading.
Hmm... "What To Expect The First Year." Haha! Like a book could prepare mom and dad for me!
Mom sure loves to use that loud, sucky thing. She uses it almost every day. I'll leave some Cheerios over here on the floor so she can get it out again.
Last, but not least, Dad's video games need to be rearranged as well. That's better.

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  1. Haha, don't you love the mischievous sense of "order" a baby has? We called Sean "the Kraken" when he was at that stage. He still gets into things and likes to re-organize, but at least now he pauses briefly when we say "No"... Owen sure is a cutie!