Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

     Happy Valentine's Day! I am one of those suckers who just loves all things Valentine's Day. I know it's a commercial holiday. I know the martyrdom of a saint is not the most romantic of events. But I still love it. 
      So for this Valentine's Day, I sent Tim to work with a bag full of gifts to open on the 14th minute of every hour. So at 8:14 a.m. he opened the first one, 9:14 a.m. he opened the second one, and on and on for a total of 14 gifts throughout the day. He will have five to open once he got home from work. I will post again tomorrow to let you know more about his gifts. 
      I also got up early this morning (4:30!) to make Tim heart-shaped cinnamon rolls and set out all his presents while he was in the shower. 
I didn't make them from scratch and canned cinnamon rolls are pretty hard to peel apart so this was the best I could do to make them heart-shaped.
     He was really surprised when he came out into the living room where I had displayed all his gifts. He actually seemed pretty speechless. I am excited to see what he thinks once he starts to open them. And I have another surprise for once he gets home if I can manage to do it. 
      We actually began our celebration of Valentine's Day early when Tim brought me roses on Friday. And we went out for Valentine's Day dinner (with Owen) to P.F. Changs on Saturday night. We had such a great time. Owen was really good at dinner and entertained everyone around us. Tim and I had a great time trying new foods and reminiscing about our past Valentine's Days. After having spent eight years as each other's valentines, it's actually kind-of hard to remember what we did for each one so it was a lot of, "Remember that year we went to the Sister Hazel concert?" and "What about that year we ate at that fancy restaurant and then got sundaes from McDonald's in our fancy clothes?" We might not remember which Valentine's Day was which, but we do remember a lot of the fun things we've done together. 

My roses. 
Here's Owen and me before our big date with Daddy.
     Yesterday, I had a Valentine's Day playdate planned with some friends and their babies. Two of my friends had to back out due to sick babies, but my friend Kristina and her baby Hayden were able to make it. We made a Valentine's Day craft and a Valentine's Day treat. Our craft was one we found on Pinterest where you use your baby's handprints and footprints on a sweet message.      
     Here's mine. It turned out really cute, which is a gigantic feat when it comes to trying to make art with a baby's hands. They do not want to open those fingers most of the time. 

So cute, right? And it can be used to decorate for every Valentine's Day.
     We also made really cute Rice Krispie treats lollipops. We made them with strawberry-flavored marshmallows so they turned out to be really tasty and also pink. We dipped them and drizzled them with candy melts and added some cute pink and red sprinkles too. 
So yummy.

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  1. Love the Valentine's crafts/goodies combo! I miss making cards and tasty treats with you, but I'm glad you got to do something fun and girly!
    Love, Haley