Saturday, January 21, 2012

Home management binder printables

     The home management binder that I made a few weeks ago has been amazing. For the most part my cleaning checklist has helped keep the house relatively tidy most of the time. And when I went to have my oil changed and tires rotated the other day, the mechanic marveled at my organization and my ability to quickly find the warranty for our tires. And when I need to fill out birthday cards that I bought a while ago, I know just where to find them. It has really been great for keeping me organized now that mommy brain keeps me from remembering everything I once could. For those of you who were inspired to make your own home management binder after reading my post a couple weeks ago, I wanted to link you to the printables that I used to make mine. Most of them were free, though I did pay for a few of them. Then all you'll need to do it just pick up a binder and some divider tabs and print out these pages based on which ones will work for you. Have fun! (Only me and about two other people I know would qualify organizing as fun. You know who you are.) 
     My cover page and the calendar, important events and birthdays, a gift giving list, emergency and medical information forms, and my contacts sheets were all from a blog called Finding Home. The blogger there has several other sections that were not relevant for my binder (like a cute pet section), but might be for yours!
I opened this page in Photoshop and personalized it with our names.      
 I really love her monthly calendars. They are really cute and you can print them so that you have the whole month across two facing pages. 
      The cleaning checklists in my cleaning section are all from the site Money Saving Mom. What is really great about those pages is they can be downloaded and then edited and filled in with your personal information. So if something in her chore chart doesn't fit your house, you can take it out and put in something that applies to you.
This is the original example or you can fill out a blank one.
    My financial section, including a budget sheet, a page for keeping track of receipts, and a bill payment checklist, came from Clean Mama's Etsy shop. She has tons of printables for all sorts of things like keeping track of exercising, cleaning, the holidays, and even one for keeping track of your infant when you first bring them home from the hospital. (This last one would have been a lifesaver for me!). She also has some free printables here.
    I had a lot of trouble finding an auto maintenance sheet to help us keep up with any work done on our cars. I was tired of just stuffing receipts and things into the glove compartment and figured I could better keep track of when we need stuff done if it was in my binder. And as a matter of fact, when I was collecting all our receipts and doing the math on our mileage, I discovered that my car was due for both an oil change and tire rotation. Who knows when we would have thought to do it otherwise? I eventually found a cute printable by Jennifer Jones of the blog I Heart Organizing. She has lots of printables for sale in her Etsy shop. And she is supposed to have an entire home management binder collection coming out soon too.
Cute colors makes it fun to keep track of car stuff.
      My weekly to-do list is from I Heart Organizing too. It is listed under her free printables section along with some pretty awesome other printables like ones for blog ideas and a home maintenance checklist, both of which I also use in my binder.
I liked this one because it had space for to dos and my menu and other things.
       I am about to add a few more pages to some of the sections in my home management binder, so I thought I would tell you about them here. Since Owen has been sick this week and I have been trying to keep track of symptoms, temperatures, and when we give him medication, I began looking for a printable to hold that information. I found it at It's not the most attractive of my printables, but it was the only one I could find for what I wanted. 
    The other new form that I found was one for notes for a babysitter. We don't leave Owen with a babysitter very often, but this will be really helpful for when we do it again. I found it at Mommy Tracked. There are more free printables there as well, including one for party planning that I might use when I start working on Owen's first birthday party.

     And there you have it. All of the printables from my home management binder. Enjoy! If you know of any cool printables that I'm missing let me know!

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  1. I was looking for your email so I could reply back to your comment on my "Tacky" post, but to no avail. So here I am! Thanks for your comment, glad to know I'm not the only mother out there that commits such heinous atrocities! Yes, Avery turned 9 months last week - I can't believe she will be 1 in a few months! Your son is adorable! And I love to organize & may have to make my own binder - what am awesome idea!