Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow day(s)!

      We had our first real Washington snow Tuesday night. Wait, you say. Don't you live in a desert? Why yes we do, so we were all the more surprised to wake up to snow and watch as it kept snowing and kept snowing and kept snowing almost all day. I would guess that we got about seven inches of snow. I went out yesterday morning to the grocery store to stock up on our groceries for the week and buy Tim some medicine, tissues, and Powerade. Driving to the grocery store, I got to see the area covered in snow for miles and miles. It was so pretty. I also got to see all the many cars stranded on the side of the road where people who should not have been driving in the snow were out and about. That kind-of freaked me out, but thanks to my four-wheel drive, I made it to the store and back really easily. Unfortunately, because I had a sick husband and baby, we didn't get to enjoy playing in the snow, but we have really enjoyed the view from our windows. Here are some photos of the snow. It still pretty much still looks like this outside two days later. With a sick baby I have been housebound for about a week now and now I'm snowbound too. I am about to go crazy.

Here's our house covered in snow.
This is the view down our street. You can't even see the road because it's covered in snow.
Another view of our house.
Under all that snow is a Georgia Bulldog.
My footprints in the very deep snow.
Almost seven inches when I measured, though more fell throughout the day.
Icicles on the house.
The view of the backyard.
The sick people had to watch from inside. Yes, my sick husband is wearing short sleeves. 
Watching snow fall can entertain a baby for a long time. If he has his trusty choo-choo train with him.
Tim's sicky paraphernalia.
We did venture out one time to get the mail.
Checking out some snow up close.

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  1. Ummmm... So jealous right now!!! It's a cool 75 degrees here! Ugh! I want Florida snow!
    - Katie