Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tasty Thursday

     I haven't been posting my reviews about how my new recipes turned out in a while and I thought I would resume doing that for those of you who might be interested in trying out one of my meals. Last week we had taco cupcakes; beef, potato, and quinoa soup; autumn penne pasta with brussels sprouts; and Italian pot roast. You can check my previous post for links to these recipes. 

Taco cupcakes: These were tasty, but were more of a novelty recipe. You know, the whole cupcake craze. Tim and I both agreed that we would rather just have tacos or a taco salad. This may have been because I did not bother to buy the queso cheese and just used shredded Mexican cheese.

Beef, potato and quinoa soup: This was really good, especially because of the cilantro. I'm not sure if I would bother to buy quinoa specifically for the soup though unless you already have it in the pantry. I don't feel like it really added anything to the soup, particularly because it seemed like a little much with the potato in there too. 

Autumn penne pasta: This was one of my favorite recipes of the week. I like that it still has plenty of flavor with the addition of a bit of hot pork sausage with the ground turkey. And it has tons of vegetables: brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, onion, and tomato. It makes you feel so healthy even though you're eating pasta. 

Italian pot roast: This recipe filled my house with the most wonderful flavor as it slow cooked all day. I really liked the flavor, but I didn't really like it on the potatoes and carrots. I think that I would maybe rather just make the roast in the slow cooker and then make the sides separately. When we ate the meat for leftovers, I made roasted potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and green beans. In fact, it was a better meal than the original!

And here is our menu for this week.

Thursday: Easy mulligatawny. An oldie, but a goodie. It has been really cold here lately so a nice warm soup is on the menu. Tim and I both really love this soup because we like curry a lot and as strange as it may seem, green apple, onion, curry, and chicken are actually good together. 

Photo from Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Friday: Italian pie. This is another of my favorite recipes. It's easy to make and tastes great. And it's an interesting twist on eating "Italian" without having pasta.  I chose to make this because I still have some leftover Italian sausage in the freezer from my pasta dish last week. We'll have it with a side salad or steamed broccoli. 

Photo from

Saturday: Leftovers.
Sunday: French toast with bacon. This is Pioneer Woman's recipe and the best for French toast that I have ever had. I have been craving breakfast for dinner for a while now and we haven't had this French toast in several months. When I made this in the past, I also made fruit butter with it. This time though, I will probably just top it with fresh berries and a pat of butter. 

Photo from Pioneer Woman Cooks. 

Monday: Stuffed cabbage casserole. This is a recipe from Skinny Taste that my friend Katie made last week. She said it was really good and her husband also gave it a high rating so I have high hopes for it. It basically seems kind-of like lasagna, but with cabbage instead of noodles. 

Photo from Skinny Taste. 

Tuesday: Leftovers. 
Wednesday: Chicken tikka masala. I really like chicken tikka masala, but it's not exactly the healthiest meal. This recipe is Skinny Taste's healthier version of the dish. I am interested to see how it compares to the recipe that I normally make. 

Photo from Skinny Taste. 

    And as a special treat this week, I am going to make Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Scones. This is the most recent post to Skinny Taste and it looks really good. I have never made scones before, but the creator of Skinny Taste is well-known for hers. I figure it will be a nice treat and we can eat them over several mornings. 

Photo from Skinny Taste.

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  1. Looks like a tasty week! Let me know how the scones go! And I hope you like have a lot of leftover for the cabbage casserole. We froze two servings because we had so much left over!